7 Beauty Tips & Tricks Every Girl Should Know

I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with Youtube beauty tutorials. Seriously though it’s like crack; I could easily lose track of time and spend three hours trolling Youtube for videos that will help me perfect my makeup application. Along the way though, I’ve learned a thing or two. Today I thought I’d share some of the simplest tips I’ve learned, along with some that I’ve always considered public knowledge but aren’t.

 photo beauty tips and tricks_zpsgdjf8enk.jpg

  1. Always use moisturizer with SPF. Even in the winter.
  2. Dunk freshly painted nails into ice cold water to help dry faster.
  3. When applying foundation with a brush/sponge, always start with the area of your face that needs the most coverage.
  4. Got mascara on your lid? Wait a couple minutes before removing it with a dry Q-tip. It will buff out easily.
  5. Always, always set your under concealer with powder to avoid creasing.
  6. To smooth out pores and bumps, apply a small amount of primer after you moisturize. This will ensure a photo-finish makeup application.
  7. Makeup looks best when you apply your concealers after your foundation.


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