Remy – Nineteen Months

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Soon our routine is going to make a drastic change as I revert back into my role of being a working mom and Remy starts up daycare again. I am going to miss my days full of Remy laughs, butterfly kisses and all the hugs mommy could ask for, but this time apart will be good for both Remy and I. I’m excited for her to interact with other children her age again, too.


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Vocabulary/Talking: Now we really have to watch what we say around Miss Remy. She.repeats.everything! Seriously! Newest words/phrases she’s added to her repertoire: all right, oh boy, bird, car, tie, and the occasional tankoo (thank you). She also says ‘row-row’ when she wants you to sing Row Row Row Your Boat and says ‘up above’ when she wants you to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

She can tell you what a cow says (moo), a lamb says (baa), a horse (neigh), a duck (quack) and she attempts a dogs woof.

Napping/Sleeping: We are reverting back to waking in the middle of the night and sleeping with mommy and daddy. Ah! And with me going back to work soon this is not good. Three day sleep training in full effect (again), friends. Otherwise, her one nap during the day is holding steady. We’ll see how it goes at daycare when other children are around and strangers are putting her down for her nap. I foresee some issues. Will report back next month.

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Eating: She’s been really good about eating a ton of different foods. We’ve gotten her to like rice (my favorite)! As long as it has a little soy sauce, homegirl’s happy. Current favorites: bacon, PB&J sandos, bananas, chips, beans, blueberries, carrots, pancakes and cheddar bunnies to name a few.

Growth: No official stats and I won’t have any until her 2 year/24 month check-up. That seems so crazy to me?!

We are starting to transition her wardrobe to 24 month clothing. She is starting to look like the Hulk in some of her 18 mo pieces. Thankfully both Kohl’s and Old Navy had some pretty great sales this past weekend and I scored a lot of great items for real cheap!

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Development: Her mind amazes me! She’d mastered this puzzle a long time ago but now she matches the correct colors too! We are now working on this puzzle which obviously requires more thought but I know my girl can do it:) She also picks out the right book if you tell her the title. She should, we read them enough.

Parenting: We’re in for a roller coaster when Remy hits the terrible two’s because girlfriends is already perfecting the tantrum. Mind you they only last a few minutes but they’re really a test on my patience. Did I mention I don’t have any?


  • Loves anything with a bangin’ base. That’s when she really gets dancing!
  • Whispers in my ear. It’s really cute.
  • Loves to shop!
  • When she finds something she’s been looking for she yells, “Dare et is (there it is)!”


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Baby Girl,

You truly are the sunshine in our lives. Often times, your daddy and I look at each other in amazement of your spark! It shines so bright, I can’t wait to see you grow into what is sure to be a vivacious, spirited little girl.

Please give me grace when I’m at my rope and snap at you. Always know that I love you and that nothing you do will ever make me stop loving you.

I know going back to daycare will be a strange transition to get you used, but I now you’ll eventually love it and you’ll make friends like you once did.

Love you with everything I’ve got!



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