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A Beginners Guide to Print Mixing

Let’s talk about mixing prints today, shall we? For the fashionista faint of heart when it comes to mixing and matching patterns there are simple steps that can be taken to effortlessly mix prints without looking like a clown. I’ve rallied up a couple tips that might help below.

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Tip 1: When in doubt – stripes! The easiest way to mix prints effortlessly is by pairing any print with stripes. It will always and forever work.
Tip 2: It is easier to match colors versus prints. When mixing prints, pair prints with like colors. Think complementary colors (colors that live across each other on the color wheel – ex: blue & orange), or go monochromatic (shades within one hue – ex: blue green + green + lime green), or even consider an analogous color scheme (colors next to each other on the color wheel – ex: violet + purple + blue). By having a similar color between prints the look is more cohesive.

Tip 3: Have balance. It is much safer to mix prints when one print is the standout piece and the other merely blends in, this way the pairing isn’t overwhelming. Ex: Skirt with large florals paired with a stripe tee with small, close stripes. For the fashionista’s on the more daring side, consider not caring and throwing caution to the wind!
Tip 4: Leopard print is forever a neutral. It really is. Like stripes, you can pretty much pair leopard print with anything. Try incorporating it in a triad paring – ex: polka dot pants, stripe tee, leopard print heels!
Tip 5: Use printed accessories. If you’re really scared to take the plunge head-on try mixing in printed accessories as not to overwhelm the look. Ex: shoes, clutch, scarf.

I’ve also put together a pin-able guide that you can reference anytime you’d like to give life to older pieces in your wardrobe! Happy Thursday, friends!

 photo PRINTMIXING2_zpsiqb7wlkp.jpg


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