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Real Talk: Thoughts on a Second Baby

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The question I get most asked now a days is ‘So when are you planning on another baby?’. It doesn’t necessarily bug me or catch me off guard, especially because I finally have a canned answer to the question, but it doesn’t make me have that itchy feeling for the next chapter in my life. And friends, that’s something I’ve got to quite doing.

I had another Real Talk post ready to go live, but as I read it back to myself I felt rather ashamed about my thoughts. In short it was about this current limbo state I’m in and how I’m longing for the next chapter – a job, a home and so on and so forth. What I realized about it all was how whinny and ungrateful I came off in the post. I’m given this opportunity to raise my daughter and watch her grow and I’m complaining about how I just want a little distance from my leggings, board books and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. So I scrapped it and thought I would share with y’all why we are planning to wait just a little longer for the next bambino.

I’d like Remy to be potty trained. Before we even consider bringing another little one into the world, I’d ideally like Remy to be potty trained. Diapers are expensive enough withouth adding another behind to the mix, so having Remy potty trained will nix the added expense.

*Mommas! Any tips for potty training? As soon as Remy does #2 she informs us and then waits patiently by the stairs for her diaper change. I want to start reading up and getting some techniques ready because I’m thinking she’ll be potty trained sooner rather than later. 

I’d like us to be in our own place. For those that don’t know, Kev, Remy and I (and our 2 pups) are currently living with Kevin’s parents. It was the smart thing to do after the move across the country AND let’s not forget, I still don’t have a job. We’re waiting until I’ve landed a job before looking at renting/buying our own place. Because we are still with the in-laws I’d rather not add another mouth to feed. And talk about cramped space!

I’d like to have a job. As mentioned in the point above, I have yet to find/land a job, which is my major qualm for not giving Remy a sibling. Without a job we can’t move, I can’t contribute financially to my family, and we can’t save for baby no.2. I had horrible insurance coverage when Remy was born, which resulted in hefty hospital bills post birth. While insurance for a second child won’t be a problem (since Remy’s birth I’ve hopped on Kevin’s and his is AMAZING!) I still think it is vital that we have two incomes contributing to our family.

I’d like to wait until after my 30th birthday. I don’t know what it is about my 30th, but I’d ideally like to wait until I’ve hit the big 3-0. I’m sure I won’t have my shit together and some magical responsible gene won’t kick in, but I’m convinced that I will be a different person after I turn 30. Oh, and I’d also like the option of drinking a glass of champagne or two;)

Things like this, having a baby, can’t always be planned. Trust me, I know (ahem, Remy), but there are certain things I’d like to get established/settled before we think about adding to our family. Kevin has already informed me that he’s ready (yikes!) but I know I won’t be at least a little ready until the above boxes are checked off. If we do get pregnant before any of the above gets accomplished I will only thank God for giving me the gift of carrying another child, however since He’s keen on timing and all, I think we can both agree that we could wait a little longer;)


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