Top Ten: Things To Do in January + Local Events

Once we say farewell to the holidays, people tend to become shut-in’s until Spring’s arrival. With the low temps, the extra pounds and the holiday hangovers, all any of us want to do is cuddle up and stay warm. But the New Year brings a clean slate, so why don’t we start the year trying new things and getting our *ish together?

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  1. Re-evaluate your budge for the New Year. Don’t have one? This might be a great time to start one up. Hello, tax season is on the horizon.
  2. Give blood! January is National Blood Donor Month and with the shortage of blood everywhere, I’m sure a hospital near you would appreciate the donation.
  3. Clean out & reorganize your closet. Start fresh and purge the excess in your wardrobe by donating items to those in need.
  4. Got a honey? Why not beat the crowds and make reservations at your favorite fancy restaurant for 2! Parents: While you’re at it, book a sitter;)
  5. Go through your phone, your camera and computer. Sort through the loads of pictures, create folders and sort that *ish out! Upload to Dropbox and you’ll be surprised at how much space you’ll have created on your phone.
  6. Get motivated and start moving your body! Whether you prefer to hit the gym, hit the pavement, or hit the carpet in the comfort of your own home, get active! For the locals (DC, Maryland and VA), you can even hit up the NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo going on Jan. 10 &11. Details here.
  7. Hit up a museum! Personally, this is my favorite thing to do, especially in DC because most are free!
  8. It might be time to trash any old makeup and clean your brushes, too. Have you checked the shelf life of your makeup?
  9. Go through your Facebook and see who’s got a birthday this month. Make it a little special by sending a personally handwritten card, or even a gift versus the standard ‘happy bday!’.
  10. Okay, you can sit and relax by a warm fire and read one of the top books to read in 2015.

Locals Events:

Silly Holidays to Celebrate:

  • National Trivia Day – January 4
  • National Bubble Bath Day – January 8
  • National Hug Day – January 21
  • Opposite Day – January 25


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