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The Epic Resolutions Post + My Word of the Year

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Warning you now, this year’s batch of resolutions aren’t ground breaking, matter a fact they aren’t even original, but these are the goals I’ve set for myself for the New Year and one’s I’m intending to keep. I’d originally nixed the idea of this post and simply wrote these few points down in my calender as a reminder, but as I read through them again last night I realized that they were goals I’m sure many are mentally jotting down for themselves, so why not share it here on the blog. I’m sure we can all work together to hold ourselves accountable.

Live a healthier life. // Before my 30th birthday (in May), I’d like to get back into shape. After Remy’s birth, I did a great job bouncing back and following a healthier way of living, both physically and mentally, but somewhere between the move and the job search, I’ve lost my way. I’d like to get back where I was before leaving Arizona.

  • Drink more water throughout the day.
  • Workout at least 3 times a week.
  • Dedicate 2 days to strict clean eating.

Crack the whip & find a job that I love. // I have had some obvious rejection in the search for a job, which has resulted in some major slacking on my end but I need to stay persistent and positive and the right place will hire me.

  • Apply to at least 6-8 jobs a day.
  • Follow up with open positions that passed on me.
  • Ask friends for help and network.
  • Revamp my resume & LinkedIn profile.

Connect. // I want to be present in the lives of those I love. I’m known for not being good at keeping in touch so I’d like to consistently reach out to friends/family. I’d also like to engage with both readers and fellow bloggers.

  • Check-in weekly via call/text/email.
  • Make plans to hangout.
  • Collaborate with other bloggers.
  • Respond to Disqus comments in a timely manner.

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I also thought I’d have a Word of the Year for 2015 as a way to cover all my bases for the goals/resolutions I’d like to accomplish. My word is…Adventure!  Adventure is described as an exciting, bold experience that can sometimes be risky because it has uncertain outcomes. This can be applied to many things in my life both literally and metaphorically. I want to live boldly in my pursuits to grow my relationships with God, my husband, my daughter and my family and friends. I want to fully embrace the great things in my life and focus on those experiences but evaluate the negative so that I can learn from them as well. The word adventure also has had its root in a Latin word, advent, which means the beginning of something new. New job, new relationships, new outlook in life? Yeah, I picked the right word!

So tell me, what are some of your goals for the New Year? Do you have a word of the year?


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