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Thankful: December 2014

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The very last Thankful post of the year! That’s 365 things I was thankful in 2014! Wow! While I absolutely love the meaning of this series and why it began, it will not continue on for 2015. So please enjoy 31 things I was thankful for in December.

  1. But first coffee.
  2. Piggy backing off of coffee, realizing that I actually like my coffee black. Not so bad!
  3. Home cooked Dominican food, passed down from generations and into my stomach!
  4. Christmas lights.
  5. Remy’s second, and not so pleasant, Santa Clause encounter.
  6. New Instagram filters.
  7. Attending our first bar mitsvah.
  8. Sharing my first vlog episode!
  9. Dinner with old high school friends.
  10. Red nail polish.
  11. Scoring the perfect stripe tee from Loft for $10!
  12. Gems at Walmart!
  13. My favorite combo: midi skirts and turtlenecks.
  14. Plotting and planning for 2015.
  15. Sorority sisters + babies.
  16. Receiving the most perfect distressed black denim skinnies for Christmas from the fella.
  17. Metallic leggings perfect for the holidays.
  18. Discovering the game Heads Up and playing with family. So fun!
  19. Celebrating with friends!
  20. A rather mild December. I love coatless days;)
  21. Using recently cleaned makeup brushes for the first time.
  22. Reading books with Remy.
  23. Getting 3 pairs of gloves (even a leather red pair) for Christmas!
  24. The most perfect skirt!
  25. Movie dates, in bed, with the boy.
  26. Butt😉
  27. Blogger friends that just get me and write great posts on photo editing.
  28. Feasting on Korean BBQ with an old friend and catching up on life.
  29. Being surrounded by family and friends for the holidays.
  30. Celebrating Christmas with an almost one and half year old. 
  31. A completed IG challenge. 52 weeks, 52 pictures. #familypictureproject2014

I would love to hear from you! What were you thankful for last year?


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