4 Ways to Avoid Dry Lips

Just in time for the cold weather that’s made itself known throughout the nation, especial here on the east coast, I’m sharing four steps to beat dry lips this winter season. These are simple ways to keep your pout looking kissable year round. Now pucker up!

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Exfoliate // Alip scrub or exfoliate is as important on your lips as it is on your face and body. By removing the dead, dry skin on your lips your are not only buffing them to smooth perfection but by doing so it allows for your lipstick to last longer, too!

Moisturize // Now that your lips are exfoliated, it’s time to moisturize. Lip balms are a must-have during the cold weather months because they help sooth your lips. Many of the ones available now come equipped with vitamin E, which essential protect lips from damage.

Treat // While a lip balm is great to fight against chapped lips, I highly suggest adding an additional lip protectant in your arsenal, like a Vaseline product. The formula is made to protect from wind and cold weather and it is great to fight against cracked, dry lips.

Hydrate // Keep hydrated, it’s really as simple as that. By drinking the recommended amount of H2O you are helping your body and it’s cells stay hydrated, which helps fight chapped lips.




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