Remy – Seventeen Months

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New month, new update and this one’s going to go down a little different than those before it.


Vocabulary/Taking: Hi, bye, up, pup, dog, ball, bird, butt (hehe), gobble, giggle, eye, yeah, no, wow, uh oh, mama, dada, good, yum, poo poo, bad, yay and probably a couple more words I can’t think of right now.

Remy is definitely a Chatty Cathy and she’ll talk to just about anyone after her initial shyness subsides. Often times she strings words together for full on phrases, such as: bad dog, byb dada, hi dada, mm good.

She also understands when you’re talking to her and follows certain commands like when you ask her to sit, she’ll sit or if you ask her if she’s hungry she’ll run to the kitchen. Also when you ask her if she has poo poo she’ll grab her diaper and nod yes or no.

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Napping/Sleeping: She is still napping once a day after lunch for about 2-3 hours. After the first hour she’ll wake and I just bring her in bed with me and she’ll go back to sleep while I read, watch TV or blog.

Homegirl is finally sleeping through the night! Last month we dedicated 3 nights to sleep training and that first sleepless night was well worth the sacrifice. She goes to bed between 8-30 pm and typically wakes up at around midnight. We check on her, put her pacifier in and then she’s out like a light. Mind you there are still nights where we bring her in with us to co-sleep but that isn’t happening nearly as much as before.

Eating: In the eating department I’ve raised my hands in defeat. Because she’s essentially a picky eater she eats the same thing every day. Breakfast consists of a blueberry waffle and a yogurt (banana, vanilla or mango). Lunch is a banana, an open-faced peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a fruit cup. And lastly dinner is string cheese, a grilled cheese sandwich, carrots, and either blueberries or raspberries as dessert.

She’s willing to try other foods, which is good. She tends to eat better when we’re out at a restaurant. She’s especially more receptive to try new foods if she see’s us eating it too.

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Growth: Again no official stats this month but girlfriend seems heavier and is now able to reach door knobs like it’s no big deal. She’s definitely tall enough to unlock a couple of the gates we have around the house. Not good. We’ll also be taking her to her first dentist appointment soon. She’s got so many teeth (14+), including some molars, that I think it’s time.

Clothing size – still wearing some 18mo clothing but those are starting to be short on her for shirts and leggings. I’m starting to buy her 24 month clothing. Shoe size – still a 5. I’m still waiting for her to fit in to these moccs. Soon enough. Diaper size – still a 4.

Health: We’ve both been sick for the last couple weeks. Nothing major but she’s had a runny nose and has developed a wet cough. Hopefully she’ll be better soon but we have a doctors appt. next month so we’ll know more then.

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Parenting: She is definitely testing boundaries. It tends to happen when eating dinner (not wanting to eat something) or when she touches or goes somewhere she’s not supposed to.

I’m also realizing more that she’s very receptive about what’s going on around her. She imitates what others are doing and often tries to repeat what you are saying. We’ll definitely have to watch what we are doing and saying around her.


  • When asked, can point to her head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, hands, tummy and feet.
  • Carries an old gift bag around and pretends it’s her purse. She’ll fill it up with books and wave good bye and head towards the door.
  • She’s not yet attached to any toy but this toy has become a favorite.
  • If anything is her security blanket it’s her collection of books.

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Someone’s about to be a one and half and that thought alone blows my mind. When did our baby become a full blown toddler?


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