Wardrobe Remix

Wardrobe Remix Vol.14

While I was putting together this edition of the Wardrobe Remix I decided to take a look back at volumes 1-13. As I had originally stated in the very first installment (read it here), the whole point of the series was to help readers efficiently remix pieces in their closets in an attempt to debunk the whole, ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ scenario. It is my hope that you don’t feel you have to go shopping every couple days to have a chic and fashion forward wardrobe, but to effectively use what you’ve already got hanging in your closet in a myriad of ways. By doing this, you can clearly be able to determine whether or not a beloved item needs to be trashed/donated/sold. Hey, if I’m able to remix this skirt, anything is possible!

So without further adieu, volume 14!

photo wr14_zps7bfc8e0c.jpg

[crop sweaters under $22, under $28, under $30, and under $40]

I’ve paired this LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s crop sweater over a dress, with faux leather and over peplum but under a puffer vest!

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