Remy – Sixteen Months Old

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These updates are going out later and later each month, huh? I almost didn’t publish this one but I love having these little stories and reminders of Remy’s youth, how she’s developing, and how cute she is! Each new months is my new favorite age and having these posts to look back on are something I know I’ll cherish when she’s older.


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Routine: Different month, same routine. I am however trying to get out of the house during the morning before lunch and nap time as a way to tire home girl out. We’ve been to library story time, shopping, and the park. As the temperatures drop I’ll have to figure out some indoor activities to partake in.

Napping/Sleeping: Remy is still napping well after lunch and it usually lasts from around 12:30 to 3, if I’m lucky. Her night time sleeping on the other hand is still not going all that well. Let me rephrase that, she’s not sleeping through the night in her crib, but sleeping overall pretty well. Like last month we bring her in with us typically between 2-4 and she’ll sleep until around 7:30 am. Any suggestions on how we can get her to sleep in her crib through the night like old times?

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Eating: Last month I brought up the fact that she was being a particularly picky eater; for maybe a week and a half she started eating anything and everything we put in front of her but sadly that’s stopped. She’s back to being picky, and I gotta say that’s the most frustrating thing throughout our day is getting her to eat all her food. The above picture was during the time she was eating really well. She was really obsessed with peas.

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Growth: No official stats on file this month but healthy wise she’s doing rather well. She hasn’t been sick in quite a while, which might have to do with the fact that she’s not in daycare or around other children.

Parenting: Sometimes I feel like she’s missing out now that she’s not attending daycare. The daily interaction with children is something that she really enjoyed when we were in Arizona, which is why I’m trying to find activities to do with kids so that she has that again. I also feel like she’s not learning anything with me. We read, color, do puzzles and sing but I feel like shes not learning. Any activities you suggest?

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  • Remy went trick-or-treating for the first time this year! She was confused as to why she couldn’t go inside the houses but overall loved it! Check her out in costume here!
  • She enjoys the swings again. Yay!
  • Partook in her first bouncy house experience (seen here)! She loved it but it might have helped that there was only one other kid inside with her.
  • Can gobble on command. I kid you not.
  • Can fist pump. My life is officially complete;)
  • Looooves cheese. Even the smelly kind that grandpa eats.
  • Remy can show you where her ears are if you ask.
  • Loves dogs and often says, “Hi puppy!”

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I’m really excited to see how she reacts to a Christmas tree and lights. That’s her thing, lights, so I could see her really enjoying going on walks while all the lights in the neighborhood are lit and twinkling.


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