Getting It Right

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I was prepared for motherhood to be hardest job I’ve ever had to face but I didn’t realize that it would be a constant struggle that I battle internally against myself. As mothers, we tend to put the blame on ourselves when things don’t go according to plan. But often times we forget about the moments we do get it right. Which if your really think about it occurs more frequently than we realize. Why? Because it’s human nature to dwell on the negative and let the positive flutter away as if it never happened. We need to start giving ourselves the credit we deserve because we do it it right, a lot, and need to acknowledge that.

I mentioned in Remy’s most recent Monthly Update how mealtime is a time I often dread. We’ve entered a picky phase that I do not enjoy one bit. Home girl likes to give me a hard time. I know that deep down she’s not doing it on purpose, but during these times in our day I tend to get frustrated and take it out on her. From then on my day tends to be ruined. I feel bad because I’ve snapped at Remy, which in turn makes me feel guilty and in the end I end up dwelling on the momzilla moment I had earlier in the day.

What I must realize? That its okay to have my ‘moment’ but then quickly snap out of it and enjoy this quality time that most moms would dream of. Read her her favorite books. Play hide-and-seek (she loves it). Do the things that will make her smile, which eventually will help shed my negative attitude. Instead of letting a dumb moment of frustration and negativity get the best of me and my day, I need to bask in the moments I get right. Because I do get it right!

As parents, specifically as mothers, if we continue to focus on the moments that are negative versus rejoicing in the moments that are positive, eventually we’ll teach our children to do the same. I pray that if I keep a positive outlook on life then Remy will grow up to do the same thing. We get it right! We do, and we must celebrate those moments and our roles in the lives of the future generations.

When was the last time you got it right?

Please share in the comments and I’ll celebrate with you!


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