For the Dads: 5 Ways to Support New Moms

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New dads, this posts especially for you. Now that we have a year of being parents under our belts (still rookies over here, I’m not saying we’re experts by any means) the hubby and I recently reminisced about those first few weeks after our spawn was born. He expressed to me that he was nervous to anger the beast (i.e. me) during that time because I was a totally different obstacle to tackle in addition to our new bundle of joy. So we chatted about those little gestures of support that he did and some he could work on for baby no.2 (waaay down the road). Today I’m sharing with you my top 5 ways to support new moms!

Be Proactive // Ask her what she needs from you, don’t wait for her to flail her arms for help. In those first few weeks I was hesitant to ask for help because I didn’t want to seem like I was failing, so having my husband ask if I needed anything was a simple request that made a world of difference.

Daddy Duty // Allow her have some mommy time. This means that you are on daddy duty and should not interrupt that time unless there’s an emergency. Give your woman time to take a long hot shower, a leisurely tip to Target, or for a coffee date with one of her gal pals. Trust me, she needs a break.

Have an adult Conversation  // Mommy is cuddling with baby around the clock which typically includes loads of baby talk! While baby is napping or during dinner talk to your spouse about how she’s feeling, how your feeling, and any concerns either of you might have. More importantly take this time to listen to her.

Flattery Goes a Long Way // Trust me when I say that mom is feeling really down in the dumps right now. Emotions and hormones are running rampant and insecurities are on high alert. Tell her she looks beautiful and compliment her on how well she’s doing at this new role. Positive affirmations are always a fantastic idea.

Help Cleaning the House // Someone either squeezed a watermelon out of her who-ha or got split open and if that’s not you then you better be helping around the house. Help with the laundry, take out the poopy diapers, and do the dishes. Every little bit help her feel less obligated to try and be the perfect wife and mother.


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