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The fella and I are celebrating our  fourth wedding anniversary today and while I’m still madly in love with my bearded boy, the dust after the wedding has definitely settled and we are both aware that from here on out we need to navigate through this marriage thing together as a team.

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The day I said my vows I also vowed to myself that throughout our time together I will always listen before I react (constantly working on this), embrace the quite, silent moments shared between us, and to always stand beside (no behind) my man. Four years later and we’ve hit our stride as a couple, understand what the other is thinking without batting an eye, both putting an effort into building a relationship with our Heavenly Father, and loving each other as best as we can. But our relationship has shifted and transformed within this last year. It’s not just Kevin and I but we now have a third component to our marriage, Remy. While we must always be cognoscente of her well-being and the time and love we dedicate to her, we are aware that our marriage is something we must always put first.

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Our relationship is the foundation of our family so we must continue to nurture it, continue to be each others priority and must always keep the love and admiration we have for each other alive. In order for us to thrive as a family, and as individuals, we must be each others rock, cheerleader, lover and friend. Of course after four years of marriage and 3.5 years of dating before that we must still put in the leg work to keep the relationship fresh and forever lasting. I’m prepared to work for it for the next 50 plus years and through his words and actions, I know Kevin is too.

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So here’s to four years of marriage, almost a decade together as a couple, and to the strange circumstances that brought us together. Maybe one day I’ll share that story. Maybe..

I love you stupid face:)


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