Remy – Fourteen Months Old

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Well we’re home on the east coast where we’re meant to be and home girl is having a ball! I think she got overwhelmed when meeting some family on our first day back but I’m sure she’ll warm up once there are more visits. Let’s see, she loves trees and leaves, is iffy about grass, and has gotten very attached to Hot Wheel cars.


Routine: I’m currently pulling SAHM duties until I find a job, so Remy and I spend plenty of time together. I kinda love that I’m in charge of her routine and it makes me feel certain and secure that she’s napping and eating when she’s supposed. I’m that mom.

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Napping/Sleeping: Remy is sleeping and napping really well! She typically goes to bed between 7:30 and 8 and her wake up time is between 6:30 and 7:30, so she gets in at least a solid 10 to 11 hours a night. She does get woken up from what I assume are night terrors but nothing a little tummy rub and her paci won’t remedy.

Napping wise we are teetering between 1 to 2 naps a day. There is a definite nap at 12:30 after lunch and it typically lasts between 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Sometimes she’ll also take a mid-morning (10:30) or evening nap after dinner (5pm) but those don’t last more than 1.5 hours.

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Eating: Girl is still a little picky but she’s gotten her appetite back and that’s all I can ask for. She still LOVES strawberry yogurt but also has a thing for watermelon. She eats 3 solid meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and has a snack between lunch and dinner. She is still taking 3 bottles a day, 7 ounces each. One with breakfast, one with lunch, and one right before bed.

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Growth: Not much has changed as far as Remy’s stats. Her weight is the same (22 pounds 9 ounces) and she is 31 inches long. Family and friends often comment how Remy is tall for her age but that’s not something I notice.

Girlfriend has got some chompers! Seriously though, she has some big *bleepin* molars back there! Ten teeth, 10! The canines are also pocking through on the top. I’m pretty sure kids grow a total of 20 baby teeth, so my tiny tot is half ways there!

She is still wearing 12-18 month and is wearing size 4 and 5 shoes. It really just depends on the type of shoe. She finally fits into her tiny Chuck Taylors! They are a tad big but not big enough to look ridiculous.

Health: This was a rather rough month for Miss Remy. She had her first emergency room visit because she had developed a high fever of 104.7. She also got a mild rash on her chest and face for a couple days but she’s recovered nicely and is doing great!

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  • I consider her my own personal Sour Patch kid. First she’s sour (hits me in the face). Then she’s sweet (gives me a hug). The hitting phase in full force. Before we left AZ I asked her daycare teacher whether hitting is a problem and she said Remy has never hit anyone. I guess it’s just me then.
  • Remy has learned some new words! She says ‘bye-bye’ and ‘baby’.
  • Home girl loves dogs. I mean loves them! If there is a dog on TV she runs to it and says ‘hi!’. If there is one nearby she’s wave and say ‘hi’ and try to pet it.
  • She throws a tantrum if she doesn’t get her way and has perfected this really loud screech yell that I’m not too fond of. I read somewhere that children reach the terrible twos around 15 months. I think it’s early at our house.
  • If you ask her to give you a hug she’ll gladly oblige.


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We visited a daycare this month, you know in case I find a job sooner rather than later and she’d need to be enrolled fairly quickly. It seemed nice enough, not as awesome as the one back in Arizona but definitely a contender once its time for enrollment.


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