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I recently stumbled across this post and it really got me thinking about my online persona and the filter I use to depict my life. As bloggers, it’s only natural that we pick and choose what we share online. Personal style bloggers blog about what they wear on a daily basis, sometime revealing their spending budget in the process. Lifestyle bloggers often share intimate details of their lives, with a conscious decision of what intimate details those would be. But all bloggers want to be relatable in the most authentic way possible, so how does that work without being too revealing and vice versa too on the surface?

When it comes to my online persona and the Joanne you see here on FabAve, my main objective is to try to be as genuine as possible without delving into the parts of my life better kept behind the scenes. You get a filtered version of me, which is not to say you still don’t get an honest portrayal of who I am. You can never depict your personality in its entirety, especially via the internet. This blog and my social media presence is only just a portion of who I am as a 20something woman/new mom/wife/friend/sister and puppy mother; and even that isn’t the complete representation of who I truly am. But that doesn’t mean this version of myself can’t still be honest and real.

Fabulously Average is as truthful of an extension of my life and personality as you’ll get, as an audience of woman that don’t personally know me. But I hope you know that I am more than just the words and pictures behind your computer screens. There is a whole person on the other side! For the loyal readers that have been around for a while, you might have noticed a more honest and talkative version of myself within the last couple of months. Why? Because I got tired of being just the girl with the outfits, I wanted to be more of a whole person in this little place I’ve created. That’s not to knock the bloggers that only share that version of themselves on their blogs, but as a blog reader myself I am looking for more in the blogs I follow.

As bloggers we are aware that what we share via our blogs is open for public consumption, which is why we only showcase parts of who we are. However not all bloggers depict their lives authentically. Sorry to say, but life isn’t always macaroons, plaid Zara scarves and impeccably styled coffee tables. My life certainly isn’t.

So in a world where your blog, your Facebook, your Twitter and Instagram handles are all a representation of you, which filter do you use to illustrate your life? I personally use the ‘Rise’ filter;)


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