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Thankful: August 2014

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Last month I was thankful for…

  1. The promise of a new month. Hitting the reset button is exactly what I needed.
  2. Scoring the perfect $12 faux leather vest for fall/winter! Yep, $12!?!?
  3. That Remy gives hugs. Genuine, cozy, warm hugs.
  4. New beauty products to add to my makeup arsenal
  5. 500+ Instagram followers and 700+ Twitter followers! Thanks y’all!
  6. Remy’s interest in books.
  7. The perfect first family vacation in San Francisco!
  8. Getting to experience fall weather for a brief time while on vacay.
  9. Remy’s first wedding!
  10. Can we talk about this jacket for a second?
  11. Being a part of a fun fall challenge. More details next week!
  12. My first experience with macaroons. OMFG!
  13. Scoring some major thrift finds on a recent adventure.
  14. Speaking of thrifting, did you catch my tips on shopping secondhand?
  15. A new-found dedication to grow closer to Him.
  16. Roasted sweet potatoes.
  17. The perfect summer activity!
  18. Being reunited with my beloved after two weeks apart! It was only for a day but it was perfect <3
  19. The great friendships I established in Arizona.
  20. Tres leches French toast. Enough said.
  21. Thank you BaubleBar for the simplicity of this bangle!
  22. The Merrick Art/Golden Tote collaboration. That swing dress is perfection!
  23. Fun workout sessions.
  24. Booking a haircut appointment with the women that know my hair the best back home!
  25. An epic background!
  26. A revolutionary liner and the only one you’ll ever need!
  27. Damn you Anthropologie for expecting me to pay almost $60 for a shirt. But it is the perfect shade for fall!
  28. A very cute (and affordable) Chloe look-alike!
  29. Reigniting my love for coffee. It’s really the little things;)
  30. My true love to tacos.
  31. Saying farewell to the place I’ve called my home for the past four years.


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