Remy – Thirteen Months Old

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We’ll be moving back east in less than a month and I’m eager to see how Remy interact with all of her cousins! My brother has five kids so Remy will never be without a friend, that’s for sure! Here in Arizona we really don’t have many people to hang out with but we have been able to have her socialize with other babies at daycare and we aren’t afraid to take her out to restaurants and/or family adventures (we went to the Tempe aquarium for her birthday and she loved it!). But it will be totally different when we are home surrounded by family and friends. I can’t wait!


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Routine: Remy’s regular routine has been really wonky for the month of July. I’m ready to have her back on a set schedule and routine and I think she kinda misses it too. It brought stability to our day.

Napping/Sleeping: Those middle of the night wake ups have pretty much stopped! There is still the occasional wake up but if you pop her pacifier in her mouth and rub her tummy she’s usually out like a light within minutes.

Remy is still taking two naps a day, one after her morning feeding at 8:30 and one after her lunch feeding at noon. Don’t get me wrong, there are times she fights those naps but then we make sure she gets one in after her dinner feeding at 5:30.

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Eating: Home girl drinks actual cow’s milk now, which has been very cost efficient. The transition was easy as pie, too! We handed her the bottle and she destroyed it within minutes. She currently takes four 6oz bottles daily. She only eats table food (no more purees!), especially if we are out at a restaurant. Overall she’s a pretty good eater and is willing to try pretty much anything.

New foods that have been introduced this month: battered fish sticks, string cheese (loves!), spaghetti and meat sauce, wheat bread with a little butter, quesadilla, and broccoli (didn’t like at all).

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Growth: No official stats until her 15 month check-up, womp womp. Note to self, find a pediatrician as soon as we move!

Remy currently has eight teeth and is working on her two bottom canine teeth as well as a back molar. Drooling central over at our place.

Clothing wise she is wearing 12-18 month and is wearing size 4 shoes. There are two pair of Chuck Taylors that are on the bench waiting to be worn! They are size fives so she’ll be fitting in to them soon. I can’t wait! She also has a pair of moccs that should fit by winter!

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  • Remy is working on saying ‘up’ when she wants to be picked up. She’s not quite there but pretty close and you know what she wants when she lifts her arms and says ‘uhh’
  • Remy’s vocabulary includes: dog, go, hi, no, mama, dada, uh oh and possibly giggle. It really sounds like she’s saying giggle! I need to record her.
  • Home girl has figured out how to shimmy off the couch without any help. According to Kevin and his mom, Remy’s also figured out how to get on the couch but I haven’t witnessed it yet.
  • She is really into books right now. She’ll sit in my lap and points to a picture and I read it to her.
  • Girlfriend needs a haircut. She has the cutest soft curls but they are crazy! I like to call her Kramer. I’m thinking of taking her to get one once we’ve moved.
  • She knows how to go down the stairs. No scooting but standing, holding on to the railing, step by step. Oh geez!?

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This next month is going to be awkward and as a family we have quite the transition ahead of us. We’ll be staying with my in-laws until we sell the house and I get a job (then we can buy a little home for ourselves) and it will be interesting, to say the least.


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