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Thankful: July 2014

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  1. Remy’s first Fourth of July!
  2. Keeping Remy up past her bedtime so that she can see fireworks. Definitely worth it!
  3. Halfway through the year.
  4. Remy enjoying her trial run in the toddler class at daycare.
  5. More vacation time loaded for the remainder of the year!
  6. I just discovered Anna Akana on Youtube and subscribed to her channel. I highly suggest you subscribe. She’s awesome and I like to pretend we are best friends!
  7. Remy saying uh-oh while walking around the house:)
  8. Michael’s having a major sale on faux floral and stocking up for Remy’s birthday party!
  9. Flower Cosmetics Chubby highlighter sticks. Life changing my friends.
  10. I took the time to actually clean the house. It’s the little things;)
  11. A happy, healthy, and definitely sassy ONE YEAR OLD!
  12. A successful first birthday party for Remy!
  13. That my husband got a great job opportunity to move up within his company back home on the East Coast.
  14. An exciting move back across the country for our family.
  15. Remy got this jacket from this post for her birthday. I am beyond excited! Especially because we’ll be experiencing an actual fall this year so it will get plenty of use!
  16. Putting our house on the market!
  17. The song Rather Be by Clean Bandit. 90s inspired music is my jam!
  18. Double day date with friends and the fella. Adult time!
  19. Being able to go watch a movie in an actual movie theater.
  20. The perfect midi skirt and camo pairing!
  21. Taco Tuesday.
  22. Great friends back home that are helping me with my job search!
  23. Getting really personal on EVMB this month about S-E-X.
  24. Accomplishing a new gym challenge
  25. The new show on USA, Satisfaction. Really good!
  26. The release of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. Come on, I can’t be the only one counting the days?!
  27. Handing in my resignation letter and setting an official last day at work.
  28. Piggy backing an additional week for my vacation in August. Gotta use all of my vacation time!
  29. Making it to body pump on random Tuesday and accepting that I’ll just be late for work.
  30. Creating enough blog content to have published during my vacation. FabAve never rests;)
  31. That the month is finally over!

Each month I share moments/things/people/etc. that put a smile on my face and make me thankful to be alive! You can catch up here for a recap of all I’ve been thankful for in 2014 thus far. Feel free to do your own ‘thankful’ post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out. I’ve been contemplating making this a monthly link-up post and depending on how many friends partake well roll it out in August!

Special thanks to Kelsey of Snappy Casual for providing the original inspiration for these posts!


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