Remy – Twelve Months Old

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I have a one year old, guys! A ONE YEAR OLD. When did my baby become a toddler? This last month Remy has grown so much, both physically and mentally. It’s surreal to look back at pictures from when she was only weeks old and realize that she’s not that tiny, squishy baby anymore. Uh oh, my ovaries just craved for a baby…


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Routine: Our daily routine is the same as it’s been for months with the exception of Remy’s early morning feedings before I leave to work. We’ve taken it out completely so that both Remy and Kevin can sleep in longer and it has also allowed me to sleep in a little later too;)

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Napping/Sleeping: Lately Remy has been waking up in the middle of the night and crying her head off. Instead of soothing her or letting her self sooth we’ve brought her in to sleep with us as an attempt to avoid a sleepless night. This has happened so often I’m convinced homegirl knows that we’ll bring her in with us every time. I know, we are creating a cycle that will bite us in the butt later on down the road, but SLEEP! Once she’s in bed with us we all go right back to sleep, so why mess up a good thing?

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Eating: We are no longer buying pureed/jarred baby food. We are still finishing up the last batch we’ve got but we barely offer it to Remy unless we are out at a restaurant that doesn’t offer baby friendly food. We are also on our last box of formula! Yahoo! We’ll be saving so much money! Once we’re done we’ll be introducing whole milk into Remy’s diet, which we’ve gotten the green light from our pediatrician. Blueberries and watermelon are her favorites.

New foods that have been introduced: yogurt, chicken and rice Marsala, oranges, lasagna, grilled cheese and hot dogs.

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Growth: Miss Remy only upped her weight by two pounds from her last wellness check up; she currently weighs 22 pounds 9 ounces putting her in the 85 percentile in her age group. She is 30 ¼ inches tall also putting her in the 85 percentile in height. And home girls’ dome is still massive with a 18 inch head!

On her 12 month check up (yesterday) she was given three vaccines – one for chicken pox’s, Hep A, and the MMR vaccine. Let’s just say girlfriend slept real nice last night!

She is wearing 12 month and 18 month clothes, she is currently wearing size 4 shoes, and we might be bumping her up to size 5 diapers soon if not only at night.


  • Remy vocabulary includes: Mama, Dada, no, hi and ‘ouo’ (out). The mama and dada is nothing recent, she’s been saying it for a while and for the last couple of months she’s been directing mama to me and dada to Kevin so that’s great. Last month she learned how to shake her head no but now she says no and shakes her head. Awesome. Hi is my favorite. Her little voice is so gentle and sweet! She’ll say hi and open and close her hand! You can hear her say hi here. We think she learned ‘ouo’ (out) when we tell the dogs to get out of the kitchen. I noticed that every time I said it, she’d repeat, without pronouncing the t of course. It’s pretty cute if you ask me. We are also in the process of teaching her up.
  • She likes messing with daddy’s game system. I personally think its hilarious how she’s figured out to turn it off while Kevin’s playing one of his video games. Kevin not so much.
  • SHE WALKS! Remy took her first steps about three weeks ago. Thankfully Kevin was there to witness it and it wasn’t something we both missed while we were at work. In the same day we enticed her to full on walk (pretty much across the room) for the reward of my cell phone. I gladly gave it up once she made it to me!
  • Almost forgot to include that she repeats uh-oh. Cutest thing ever!


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I will be dedicating a couple posts within the next couple of weeks to recap Remy’s birthday party! From the different vendors we used, to the décor, to day of festivities so hold tight! Can’t wait to have y’all virtually re-celebrate with us!


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