Wardrobe Remix

Wardrobe Remix Vol.8

For the eighth edition of the Wardrobe Remix I thought it was high time to share the three ways I’ve remixed this Phillip Lim for Target animal print skirt. It’s the cat’s pajamas, y’all. I wanted to style it up a couple more times before rounding these up into one grand post but I neither have the patience nor the brain power to conjure up more ways to style this stunner up. I’ve found that when I put these posts together it gives me a better sense of how I should style it up in the future; in fact I’ve got a couple ideas in mind;)

photo wardroberemix8_zpsfe40b668.jpg

[fun takes on animal print under $15, under $25, under $25, under $45]


I’ve paired this skirt with brights, neutrals, and of course with prints! What will be next? I guess you’ll have to wait and see!

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