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Thankful: June 2014

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  1. Strawberry rhubarb pie.
  2. Family gym sessions!
  3. Finding new blogs that inspire me.
  4. Writing for the East Valley Mom’s blog! Second official post as a contributor went live! 
  5. 30 days of fitness inspiration/motivation (on my IG)!
  6. A shocking twist in our family story that surprisingly brought excitement.
  7. ‘We’re just moms working hard, lots of laundry to fold!’ Fancy parody by The Girls with Glasses is EPIC!
  8. New blue framed glasses.
  9. Remy has learned to stand without the assistance of anything around her. Mind blown!
  10. Shopping without actually shopping😉
  11. Three fun collaboration that will help with Remy’s birthday party!
  12. Tacos. They’re just so damn good!
  13. Prepping for our first Father’s Day, complete with crafts!
  14. Being able to pull off a pretty seamless Father’s Day that I think the hubby really enjoyed!
  15. Contemplating our next big adventure as a family of five (Me, Kev, Remy, Chandler and Phoebe)!
  16. Sharing a deliciously tasty cheese board with both Kevin and Remy on a perfectly lovely afternoon surrounded by exotic birds.
  17. Catching up on Suits with the hubby on Friday nights. My happy place.
  18. Big Brother summer premier!
  19. A much needed haircut for summer!
  20. Friday’s! They’re seriously the best!
  21. Finding out my Love Language is actually positive affirmations. You learn something new about yourself every day, huh?!
  22. A really fun birthday gift for Remy that I’m excited to partake in too:)
  23. Twinsies moment with a coworker!
  24. Twinsies moment with Miss Kendi herself (me//kendi)!
  25. So close to 400 LIKES!
  26. Amazing Old Navy sales that made it possible for me to score this dress for under $10!
  27. Remy saying hi. Cutest thing EVER!
  28. Kroger brand kettle popcorn. THE BEST!
  29. Honey & I by Haim
  30. Remy taking her first steps!

Each month I share moments/things/people/etc. that put a smile on my face and make me thankful to be alive! You can catch up here for a recap of all I’ve been thankful for in 2014 thus far. Feel free to do your own ‘thankful’ post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out. I’ve been contemplating making this a monthly link-up post and depending on how many friends partake well roll it out in August!

Special thanks to Kelsey of Snappy Casual for providing the original inspiration for these posts!


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