Practice Makes Perfect

While I might have put my dreams on hold, it was still very important for me to practice the craft. Practice makes perfect, right? I have shared some sneak peeks of these images on Instagram but it was about time I shared the pictures on le blog, am I right?

The first batch are pictures taken by my husband (he’s getting so good!) and the second batch are one’s taken by me. All editing done by me. I hope you enjoy!

 photo rem11_zps33883fd7.jpg

 photo rem13_zpsf19755c4.jpg

 photo rem10_zps016fe8fe.jpg

 photo rem9_zps8cf3c37c.jpg

 photo rem8_zps3291136c.jpg

 photo rem7_zpsf27ef5c4.jpg

The remainder of the pictures are one’s that I’ve been taking as a means to continually practices one of my favorite hobbies, photography.

 photo r3_zps769dfebf.jpg

 photo r2_zps736a0bc9.jpg

 photo r1_zps9e3d32c3.jpg

 photo r_zps29bb98b2.jpg

 photo rem-1_zps6a1c846f.jpg

 photo rem5_zps03955f13.jpg

 photo rem6_zps2a222920.jpg

 photo rem4_zps464db09f.jpg

 photo rem3_zps1e11b4f5.jpg

 photo rem15_zps7320904e.jpg

 photo rem14_zps52995689.jpg

 photo rem12_zps8e434e8c.jpg

 photo rem2_zps08474cf4.jpg

 photo rem1_zps1a8220e8.jpg


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