Remy – Eleven Months Old

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Where has my baby girl gone? Home girl has grown so much and has become Miss Independent! She likes to do things on her own, which makes me both proud and sad. The life of a parent, my friends.


Routine: Our routine hasn’t changed much, except that instead of giving Remy a bath once a week we’ve upped it to every other day. I originally was giving Miss Thang a bath once a week because I remember reading somewhere how babies have sensitive skin and can do perfectly fine embracing their natural oils for longer periods than most adults. We were doing fine but since she’ now crawling up a storm and we hit triple digit temps a couple weeks ago, it was only natural to add more baths throughout the week. Right now she gets a bath every other day right before her bedtime feeding and she seems to like that time in the bath to splash around!

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Napping/Sleeping: Last month I mentioned that Miss Remy was having trouble sleeping because she’d been congested, well home girl is all better and sleeping soundly! We’ve been lucky enough to have a good sleeper but lately I’ve come to truly appreciate a night’s sleep, without any interruptions or instances where we have to go and put Remy’s pacifier back in. She’s been sleeping hard. YES!

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Eating: It seems that Remy is only interested in real food, which is great! However it makes it rather hard for both Kevin and I who just eat whatever is available. We need to start cooking daily meals so that there is food readily available for Remy, instead of relying on bananas, avocados, a berry medley and sweet potatoes which we always have on hand for her to eat.

Foods Remy likes: bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes with a little butter, mac and cheese, animal crackers, strawberries, blueberries, carrots, waffles, pancakes, watermelon, cantaloupe, quinoa, pizza (at daycare), pineapple, shredded chicken, crab, black beans, and ravioli.

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Growth: I don’t have official stats this month but will finally have some next month since she’ll have her 12 month check up! Can’t wait to see the breakdown!

Miss Remy is in 12mo clothing across the board and wears some 18mo clothing. She is still wearing size 2 shoes but I really just need to buy her new size 3 shoes; maybe for her birthday! She also went up a size in diapers and is wearing size 4.

Remy has four top teeth and four bottom teeth and chomps away at her food with such confidence now! She gets her teeth brushed (without past) on days she gets a bath and doesn’t like it one bit.

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  • Remy has a friend at daycare! Her teacher mentioned to me that they stick together and are always following each other around. Unfortunately Remy’s BFF has been moved to the walker class so they don’t see each other as often. Hopefully they’ll see each other soon!
  • She loves to make music with whatever is around her and dances whenever she hears music, so I’m thinking of getting her a little keyboard for her birthday!
  • She loves to splash during bath time. Loves it!
  • She shakes her head no when she’s full.
  • We have an independent stander! This is a new breakthrough and one she is extremely proud of!
  • She stands in the tub when she knows I need to clean her nether regions.
  • It might be too early to assume but purple might be her favorite color. She’s attracted to anything purple and favors the color more than any other color.

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And just like that, Remy is less than a month away from turning a year old. Where has this time gone? No, seriously, WHERE? Party planning is in full effect, well kind of. Hopefully I get things squared away sooner rather than later.


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