Braided Up-Do Tutorial

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I’ve been itching to share the braided up-do tutorial from this post and decided to go for it! It is extremely easy to achieve and I think it would even be possible with straight or curly/wavy hair.

I am as far from a hair guru as they come, so if I’m able to perform this up-do, anyone can do it! You only need to know how to do a basic 3-strand braid for this hairstyle. So grab some bobby pins (about a dozen or more), 6 small clear elastics and let’s get to braiding!

Step by Step:

  • Part your hair either in the middle or on the side, whatever feels comfortable for you.
  • Take a 2 inch section of hair by your part above your ear (either side) and braid. Angle the braid back behind you and secure the end with an elastic.
  • Repeat the previous step on the other side.
  • Bring the first braid around the back of your head (like a crown) and secure in place with bobby pins.
  • Repeat the previous step by crossing over the first braid and tucking the end behind the first braid. Pin in place with bobby pins.
  • Repeat the braiding and pinning process on each side until you get to the last bit of hair at the nape of your neck.
  • With the remaining hair at the nape of the neck, split into two sections and braid each section, securing with an elastic when completed.
  • Take one of the braids and tuck horizontally overtop of the already existing braids. Secure with bobby pins.
  • Repeat the previous step, crossing horizontally the other direction. Pin in place with bobby pins.

 photo hair3_zpsc605a8a0.jpg

 photo hair6_zpse35888cc.jpg

 photo IMG_6802_zps104f5a86.jpg

 photo IMG_6804_zpsfbb3fbbb.jpg

photo braid_zps4c887a55.jpg

And there you have it, a super simple braided hairdo! I’m excited to have a failsafe hairstyle for summer (or now!) when it will be far too hot to have my hair down and when I want to do something other than a standard bun or a ponytail.


Wearing: chambray – old navy, lips – revlon ‘striking’, earrings – similar from baublebar


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