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Growing up in a time before there were computer animated movies or when producers wouldn’t consider remaking a classic into a live action film was a much simpler time, if you ask me. While the technology might have been disastrous (please don’t tell me I was the only kid that cried my eyes out if the tape got stuck in the VCR?! The horror!), the movies, the music, the fashion seemed to be more wholesome. I don’t know, maybe its just me that thinks this but I miss those care-free days of being a kid. Forget cell phones and tablets, it was all about kickball games and mud pies, and one of my favorite things to do as a kid was to watch movies! It was considered a treat at my house so I thoroughly enjoy that time to escape in to the adventures of Simba, Dorothy, or looking for buried treasure!

Today I thought I would share the collection of movies that I really enjoyed as a kid and would love to introduce to Remy as she get’s older. I’ve included some Disney classics, some more recent computer animated kid movies, and a couple of live action ones that I was obsessed with as a kid! In the last bunch, I’ve also include a couple of movies that I never saw that many would regard as classics.

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The Little Mermaid – What girl wouldn’t want to be a mermaid? Maybe the girl who has everything! (Did you catch that?)

The Lion King – Probably one of the of the best classic Disney movies, if not for the music alone! And that Pumba!

Aladdin – My all-time favorite animated Disney film! Hands down!

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Toy Story – To infinity and beyond!

Finding Nemo – such a sweet movie and Ellen Degeneres, come on!

Despicable Me – In my top 3 favorite computer animated kid movies, for sure. The minions are just a laugh riot!

Monsters Inc. – Also in my top 3, because you just can’t go wrong with Billy Crystal and John Goodman as a duo.

Brave – Also in my top 3. Its more recent but this was one of the first movies I saw after Remy was born and we technically saw it together (she was sleeping on my chest). The story is also great for little girls!

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Hook – Imagination at it’s finest! Bangerang!

A Little Princess – Because every girl’s a princess:)

Big – The scene of Tom Hanks playing Chop Sticks on the giant keyboard is epic.

The Goonies – Best friends stick together to stay together! And looking for treasure is the best adventure!

Mary Poppin – I have personally never seen Mary Poppins (I know?!) and would love my first time to be with Remy:)

The Sound of Music – Another movie I’ve never seen and would love to share that special moment with my little girl!

Honey I Shrunk the Kids – Come on, I just had to include this one.

The Wizard of Oz – It should be a requirement for all kids to watch this movie by the age of 6.

I just realized a couple of movies I forgot to include that are definite contenders: The Sandlot, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Now and Then, and Ratatouille (I personally love it and the rat’s name is Remy!).

What are some movies you consider Kid Classics? 


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