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Thankful: May 2014

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  1. JohnnySwim. Google and listen. I easily listen to the complete album in one sitting and I fell in love!
  2. Also, Kina Grannis’ The Fire.
  3. Got a Polar watch  for my birthday and I’m obsessed, y’all!
  4. Obsessed enough to share my thoughts about the Polar watch;)
  5. Remy’s first time at the pool!
  6. Another year of life! The last in my 20s in fact!
  7. Birthday presents!
  8. Perfect spring/summer days with the family.
  9. My new tattoo!
  10. That 2 of my good girlfriends are expecting their first child! Yay!
  11. The quinoa and grilled shrimp protein bowl from the Original Chop Shop. So yummy! Oh, and you can’t forget a cup of the slim squeeze juice!
  12. Celebrating my first Mother’s Day! Honored to be a part of the club!
  13. Chocolate chip cookie pizza. Enough said.
  14. Finalizing our trip details and reservations to San Francisco in August!
  15. Discovering the new BareMinerals liquid foundation. Yes, liquid. It is amazing! The coverage is life changing, y’all!
  16. Fedora hats on babies. Oh so cute!
  17. Brunch with girlfriends!
  18. Starting to plan Remy’s 1st birthday party!
  19. Croissants! I’ve started an unhealthy obsession.  
  20. Remy walking with her walker. First steps soon?
  21. Homemade roasted pepper pasta sauce. Yum!
  22. A massage and facial and much needed ME time.
  23. A perfect Memorial Day weekend.
  24. Remembering those that paid the ultimate price. Thank you!
  25. Catching up with old friends.
  26. The promise of a possible new adventure.
  27. Fresh blooms around the house.
  28. God’s little reminders that he’s present in my life. As little as they may be, those reminders shake my world.
  29. Remy giggle fests!
  30. Seven years with my guy <3



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