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I recently got asked what my workout routine consisted of, so I thought that today I would share an overview of the workout schedule I try and follow on a weekly basis. Since Remy’s arrival, I’ve learned that I’m one that likes to follow a plan and a routine and when things go awry I tend to panic. Not the best quality for a new mom but it’s something that I’m actively working on;) I’ve also learned, in regards to my fitness journey (and in life), that I should always have a backup, but I’ll explain more going forward.

Fitness Schedule: I typically workout five days a week with two days to just relax and rest my body, however recently I’ve added in an early morning RPM/cycling class on Friday’s so now my rest days have been reduced to one. That is if I actually attend the class;)

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Zumba – It’s less of a workout and more of a party, and probably my favorite form of fitness! If you are unfamiliar with Zumba it’s basically a dance class with choreography from different genres such as salsa, hip-hop, merengue and so many other styles. It’s very much a full body workout if you have a great instructor and typically lasts 60 minutes long. I would highly suggest Zumba classes for people that get bored easily doing a typical workout at the gym. I attend 2 zumba classes a week and usually burn between 520-620 calories.

Body Pump – if you like lifting weights, body pump is for you. I absolutely love body pump and believe that I’ve lost most of the baby weight because I was lifting weights. It combines strength training with cardio which results in a high intensity workout sure to leave you feeling good. I attend 2 body pump classes a week and usually burn between 480-520 calories.

RPM/Cycling – the perfect cardio workout, if you ask me. Spinning is great if you are looking to target and tone your legs. It’s definitely the hardest of the classes I attend. I attend one RPM class a week and usually burn between 450-520 calories.

1 Mile Run – I’ve recently started running one mile after whatever class I’ve taken for any given day. I’ve found that I still have a lot of momentum and energy after my workouts and that helps me complete a mile under 10 minutes. For nights when I’ve worked out at home I have the perfect trail in my neighborhood that is both scenic and in a one mile radius. In a week I run 5 miles (5 days).

Anything Goes Thursdays – This is a new challenge I’ve added to my fitness schedule to spice things up so that my routine doesn’t become stagnant. It has officially been implemented for almost two months and I love that I can change things up and do something different than what my body is used to. Since the implantation of AGT I have attended a barre class, a couple cardio kickboxing classes, an outdoor full body boot camp, and have put my fitness DVDs to good use. My only rule is that I don’t do the same workout from the previous week.

Rest Days: Sunday’s are my rest days. With church and family time, I typically like to use this day to forget about the gym and just relax. As I mentioned before, Friday’s were considered my second rest day however I’ve found that if I end my week with a little jolt of energy from cycling, I tend to make better food choices for my weekend;)

Always have a backup: I highly suggest investing in a couple fitness DVDs in case you are unable to hit the gym. If Kevin is working late and can’t make it home before my body pump class and Remy is sleeping, I just pop in the Jillian Michaels – No More Trouble Zones DVD and I’m set! Some other favorites include any of the P90x segments, Rodney Yee’s Daily Yoga DVD, and Just Dance 2014 for Wii.

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I also wanted to share some of the newest additions to my workout clothes drawer! I’ve already expressed my need to have cute fitness apparel in order to stay motivated, so when the sweet (and active!) folks over at Lorna Jane sent me these cute pieces, I about died! How freakin’ cute are my duds?!

When it comes to fitness apparel there are a few things I look for: functionality, lightweight material, dry fit + compression are a must, and whether or not the clothes are comfortable. These Lorna Jane pieces pass my test with flying colors! The clothes suck me in, but are not restrictive and don’t look completely drench after an intense session at the gym. They are breathable and as an added bonus, the clothes are cute and stylish! Winning!

I also love the message behind Lorna Jane! Their mission is to empower women to live their best life through active living! Um hello, are we soul mates? This brand was made for women like me that know that living an active life is more than any time spent at the gym; it’s a way of life! So I urge you to check them out, what they are about and maybe pick up a piece or two! Some of my favorites include this tee, these shorts, and I’m kind of obsessed with this tote!

Now get active!

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wearing: Lorna Jane jacket  (c/o) + aphrodite sports bra (c/o), Old Navy compression capris (Get 15% off with code ONSAVENOW), Nike Free sneakers


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*This is not a sponsored post. I was gifted the Lorna Jane pieces with no requirement to share my love for the brand. As always, all opinions are my own. I only work with companies/brands I truly support and love.

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