Remy – Ten Months Old

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It’s so great to see Remy’s personality develop and come out every now and again. She’s going through a cautious experimentation phase, where you can tell she wants to try something but is nervous to do so. I want to encourage her to try new things but I’m also nervous she’ll get hurt. This is something I’d like to learn as I grow as a parent.


Routine: I met with her daycare teacher for a parent teacher conference earlier this month. I didn’t know that existed for babies but apparently it does. We talked about her development as far as crawling, standing and soon to be walking goes. We also spoke about her feedings and discussed introducing the daycare offered food to her ‘lunch’ (11:30 am feeding). I was asked if Remy had limitations as far as food goes, i.e. no gluten, no meat, etc. but I don’t have any restrictions for my girl. I figured if I grew up fine eating everything under the sun I’m fine with Remy doing the same.

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Napping/Sleeping: Miss Remy has started to strike naps at daycare. If they’re lucky they put her down for an hour nap. We’ve recently hit the same roadblock at home during the weekends, particularly on Sunday’s (church is during her mid-morning nap and she doesn’t like sleeping at the daycare offered at church), and I’m hoping this is a short-lived phase.

Remy is also going through some sort of regression as far as sleeping in her crib goes. But I assume it’s because she’s getting sick (again?!) and having trouble breathing throughout the night, which in turn wakes her up in the middle of the night.

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Eating: As I touched earlier, she is now eating real food at daycare for lunch! Some of the meals she’s had thus far include waffle pieces, teriyaki rice, pasta noddles (which she’s had at home), and animal crackers.

Lately she hasn’t been interested in taking a bottle (of formula) and I’m wondering if we should just stop the bottle feeding all together. Or maybe use it as a supplement to times she doesn’t eat much? We’ll be playing it by ear.

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Growth: Remy is currently wearing 9 month onesies but her shirts, shorts, and leggings are either 12 or 18 months sizes. She is wearing size 2 shoes but I’m pretty sure that will be bumped to size 3 real soon.

She has three prominent teeth but as I mentioned last month her two top teeth are peeking through and now the fourth bottom tooth is coming through too. This time around she is feeling the pain of teething, poor thing.

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  • She sucks her thumb.
  • She’s learned how to pull herself up to stand. She still can’t stand without something to hold her up, but she always looks so accomplished when she leaning against the coffee table, sofa, or the activity table at daycare.
  • She has learned to walk along with her walker! She also walks from one end of the coffee table to the other!
  • Separation anxiety has kicked in. When either Kevin or I leave a room she fusses a little bit which has made taking her to the gym daycare a little difficult. Luckily after other kids start playing with her she forgets all about me, which is both cute and sad at the same time.
  • Remy had her first pool visit a couple weeks back. She wasn’t scared or nervous and the water didn’t phase her! She floated like a champ! Read some of my pool day essentials here😉
  • I’m pretty sure she likes singing and she loves music! On our rides home from daycare I blast the radio and she tries to sing along, it’s so cute! Her loud belting of sounds and gibberish make no sense, obviously, but she tries!
  • She tries to keep up with our dogs and likes to try and pet them. They don’t let it happen as they like to take the chance to give her puppy kisses.
  • She likes to tear up magazines. I love cleaning up that mess – sarcasm.

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My girl is seriously such a joy to be around! She’s such a goofball and I love it! She’s also become such a ham! With the weather being so beautiful lately, we’ve taken the chance to go out and explore with her.The above picture is of a little impromptu photo session we did for Mother’s Day! More pics soon, I promise:)


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