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Thankful: April 2014

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  1. That my little sister, who was born prematurely by 4 months with a hole in her heart, celebrated her 19th birthday healthy!
  2. When Remy lights up after Kevin gets home.
  3. Generous sponsors!
  4. That I got to celebrate with my amazing husband on his 29th birthday!
  5. That my boyfriend jeans are too baggy to wear!
  6. Sam Smith’s acoustic version of Latch. AMAZBALLS!
  7. The best critique I’ve read regarding the American Blogger documentary. So beautifully written and it states why there is a backlash without outright offending anyone.
  8. When other bloggers feature you on their blog!
  9. That Remy didn’t freak out when she met the Easter Bunny.
  10. That Jesus died for our sins and rose again.
  11. The perfect Easter dress!
  12. The bread pudding at White Chocolate Grill. Mind blown!
  13. Grandparents that gifted Miss Remy the most adorable mini rocking chair!
  14. Legitimate date nights sans baby.
  15. Becoming a contributor to the EVMB!
  16. Desk changes at work placing me by a huge window and a great view!
  17. Pool weather in Arizona!
  18. A rambunctious, healthy, sassy, beautiful 9 month old daughter.
  19. Remy in a bathing suit! OMGSOFREAKINCUTE!
  20. Easter ham. Drool!
  21. Warm weather staples!
  22. Another year of blogging under my belt!
  23. Effective beauty and skincare products.
  24. That peach season is right around the corner! Peach cobbler!
  25. Impromptu photo sessions with Remy after work that result in a picture I will cherish forever!
  26. Finally deciding on the art for my next tattoo! Can’t wait!
  27. Life’s little distractions.
  28. A new favorite lip color!
  29. Anything Go’s Thursday’s!
  30. Breaking out of a style rut!


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