Top Ten: Pool Day Essentials for Baby

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Arizona’s summer is in full swing (we reached the hundreds a couple weekends back) which has me yearning for a dip in the pool to cool off. However experiencing the pool season with a baby can present a lot of anxiety for a new mom like me. After asking other moms, doing a little personal research, and finally taking Remy to the pool to experience this milestone firsthand, I’ve summed it up as a fun adventure for the both of us! While I was anxious and nervous not to let Remy get too much sun, overheat, or the obvious – drown – I finally relaxed enough for the both of us to enjoy our time in the water together!

If you are also headed to the pool this season with your baby, here are my 10 summer must-haves for every pool-going mom.

  1. Sunscreen: Applying sunblock should be an obvious task, but for baby’s sensitive skin consider using an all-natural, water-resistant, PABA-free lotion with non-irritating ingredients (zinc oxide or titanium oxide), and an SPF of at least 30. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outdoors so it can absorb into the skin and remember reapply at least every hour.
  2. Hat: Choose one that has a wide brimmed and one with a darker color as it provide the most scalp protection.
  3. Shades: Cute sunglasses are just that – cute. Think about also getting a pair with larger lenses, which offer 100 percent UV protection. If you can find a pair that are both cute and offer protection? SCORE!
  4. Swim diapers: can be worn underneath the bathing suit or work as the bathing suit itself, a swim diaper is necessary!
  5. Zip-lock bags: to hold wet bathing suits, extra clothes, wet towels, etc.
  6. Baby floating seat with canopy: but continue to monitor your baby. Floaties generate a false sense of security, so you must be vigilant and keep a constant watch on your little one.
  7. Toys: because what underwater adventure would be complete without friends!
  8. Cover up: sitting out of the water enjoying a snack? Make sure your little one is covered up so that they are not exposed to too much sun.
  9. Towel: for obvious reasons.
  10. Wipes: to wipe hands of any dirt, food, or germs. You name it – wipes are always handy!


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