And Laughter Under the Sun

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At age 9 my biggest concerns were whether or not we’d win the kickball game and which overalls I would be wearing for the day ahead. At age 19 major anxieties came from what tattoo I’d be getting and the fear of getting caught drinking underage. Now, as I enter my last year in my twenties, my main worries are if we are raising Remy to be a good human being and whether we should be putting more money in our savings account.

There are still days when I feel like the insecure, naive 19 year old girl with so much to prove. I wish there were more days where I felt like the 9 year old, tall, lanky girl with not a care in the world and a lighthearted attitude. What I hope for year 29 of my life is an understanding with myself that there’s really nothing to prove to anyone, and that they’ll be more days where I’m carefree and embrace the spirit of that 9 year old girl. I’d like to take with me a small part of that child-like innocence that both the 9 and 19 year old girls had. But as I’m entering this next stage in my life, where I’m secure and confident in the person I’ve become, what both previous versions of myself and the current version all have in common is that I am the only person that can be me and own it! Why prolong the ownership of someone I’m proud to be and just be me. Quirky, goofy, a bit of a flake – that’s who I am. For this next year I want to embrace all the little intricate idiosyncrasies of myself and revel in the fact that while I like who I’ve become, I can continuously grow into a better version of myself.

So here’s to 29! May it be a year of acceptance, of joy, and of laughter under the sun!


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