The Victories

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On days when I don’t feel going to the gym or even doing a short workout DVD I have to dig deep and remind myself about the victories in this fitness journey of mine. In the beginning I set some mental goals that I wanted to reach. I didn’t have any specific time frames but I knew that I wanted to accomplish these goals in a reasonable amount of time and believe I have successfully done so.

Here is a list of my victories thus far:

  • Get to my pre-pregnancy weight – CHECK!
  • Be able to touch my toes while stretching my hamstrings (each leg) – CHECK
  • Be able to touch my toes while doing a forward bend stretch – Still working on this but getting close!
  • Squat with a 15lb barbell – CHECK
  • Squat with a 20lb barbell – CHECK
  • Squat with a 25lb barbell – Up next
  • During back circuit lift 10lb barbell – CHECK
  • During back circuit lift 12lb barbell – CHECK
  • During back circuit lift 15lb barbell – CHECK
  • During back circuit lift 20lb barbell – Up next
  • Bicep curl 10lb barbell – CHECK
  • Run a 5K – CHECK
  • Fit into pre-pregnancy jean/pants pile – CHECK
  • Fit into my wedding dress – this one was more for fun. I actually think it’s impossible.
  • Once pre-pregnancy weight has been reached, maintain the weight within +/- 3lbs of goal weight – A working goal
  • Feel comfortable in my old bathing suits – CHECK
  • Learn to love and appreciate my body – CHECK (!!!)
  • Maintain commitment to staying active (gym, fitness DVDs, gym classes at least 3x/week) – CHECK
  • Run a 10K – Still trying to muster the guts to do this
  • Quit the Oreo’s – Eh…
  • Start eating healthier in general/make healthier food choices – A working goal

I’m eager to change thing ups a bit so that my fitness routine doesn’t become stagnant and stale. I’ve mentioned a little of my complacency here earlier this week and I’m determined to surprise my body with new and fun ways to stay active. I’ve signed up to participate in the Tone It Up #BikiniSerieswhich starts within the next couple of days, and I’m excited to shake things up a bit! I’m also considering attending a couple of the barre classes offered at a Pilates studio that has recently opened up by my house. Anything to keep active!

I would love to hear some of the goals y’all might have in living an active, healthy lifestyle. Remember, open forum here! Let’s share, let’s discuss, let’s encourage!!


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