Currently Craving: Wish List

With both my birthday and Mother’s Day right around the corner (less than a week apart to be precise), I thought I would consolidate my wish lists into one great big post of fun!

photo bday_zpsea42c3ec.jpg

  1. This House of Harlow necklace has been on my radar for far too long. It must be mine!
  2. Another item that has been on multiple wish lists for what seems like forever is this Madewell tote.
  3. This dress is just plain old pretty…and perfect for spring/summer!
  4. A Polar watch just seems like a natural fit into my fitness life, right?
  5. I’m in need of new sneakers and the Nike Free 3 V5 in bright citrus is just what I’m looking for!
  6. Can we talk about this gym tank? Soooo ME!
  7. I’ve been craving these metallic Avarcas for a while now and think they would be a great addition to my closet:)
  8. This ASOS swimsuit is just all kinds of cute!
  9. A denim dress. Just perfection!,6c3617692d9db0f2f09e98ecafe12508,fe66f1307c4715bae7ddb0077dd1d1d4,76a0a296e34b3988c936ed9690708ec9,793be8cc57b6da995ccb4d4d5eb863d5,8428fa505f91349f95f7008423daaf2d&rows=1&cols=4&brand=0&price=1&hover=0


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