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Real Talk: Blogger Envy

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It’s a sad day at the FabAve headquarters when the writer/creator/CEO is experiencing her bout of blogger envy, and lately I’ve been down in the dumps. If you follow me on Twitter than you might have noticed some not-so-nice tweets about the blogging community. Recently I’ve had to reflect on my place in the blogging world and what I bring to the table. Is my content fresh enough to gain the exposure that others are gaining? Am I pretty enough/witty enough to be backed by the ‘top brands’? Am I portraying my life as perfectly as possible? 


I almost deactivate my site on a weekly basis and a couple weeks back the deactivate button look pretty prime in my green, envious eyes. I had to step away, breathe and regroup for a couple minutes. I sat back at my work desk, where my old, not state-of-the-line laptop sat, opened up a Microsoft Word document and just started typing.

Within my first few months of blogging I had to decide what the purpose of Fabulously Average was. Back then it was to become a professional blogger and be the next Kendi. HA. #YEAHFUCKINGRIGHT!? A year and a half into blogging I had to reevaluate the purpose of FabAve once more. At that time it was to have my voice and point of view heard and supported by others. Now, with almost three years of blogging under my belt (still a baby in the blogging world) I need to reexamine my purpose and the purpose of this blog once more.

And this is what I want:

  • I want to be a life line for new moms. Give beneficial advice and recount my adventures as a new mom as well as become a resource for mothers in general.
  • I want to be a positive motivator to those who are also on a quest to become healthier individuals. Build a community where we can support each other through the good and the bad and cheer each other on.
  • I want to show that the everyday average girl next door can still have style, even without spending tons of money. While it’s nice to read those Fancy Nancy blogs, it’s also nice to connect with bloggers that have a budget in mind.
  • I want this blog to be a visual journey of my life, where I can look back and remember moments fondly.

But with that little manifesto in mind, I also have to ask myself if this blog is for business or for pleasure. I’ve come to the realization that it is more for pleasure than anything else. Yes, there are times that I’m contacted for sponsored content or product reviews, and if they are right for the blog then I’m all for it! But that is no longer my main objective.

Unfortunately I think it is a natural thing for a blogger to experience envy but one that personally I am not fond of having. That feeling of resentment is an ugly feeling to have and one that is unbecoming. I hate projecting my perceived shortcomings on blogs that are thriving when mine is not. So I’m going to take my own advice and do my own thing. Because this is my space and I shouldn’t forget that.


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