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Top Ten: The First Year – Baby Gear Part 1

Today I thought I’d share my Top Ten baby must-haves for the first six months. What does that mean, that this post will most likely be a two parter! I’ll hopefully have a part deux up on the blog within the next couple of months with a completely whole new set of baby gear that I believe is essential for the second half of a baby’s first year, but today I am dedicating a post to those precious first six months. So without further adieu…

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  1. Baby Bjorn – I’m personally a Baby Bjorn fan but any baby-wearing sling is a benefit for both mom and baby. Other than the closeness and bonding experience that a baby carrier provides, it also makes it easier for mommy to get things done while spending time with baby.
  2. Burp Cloths – whether your little one is experiencing acid reflux, teething, or experimenting with purees, having several birth cloths scattered around the house is a must.
  3. Bottles – this is pretty self-explanatory. Whether you’re nursing or bottle feeding, it’s convenient to have a couple bottle around for milk storage or to designate daddy for a feeding or two so that mommy can have alone time.
  4. Diaper Pail – A place to store dirty diapers, where the smell can be maintained, if not eliminated…sold!
  5. Bumbo Seat – this becomes the perfect seat for a little one and it helps with core strength! However, I would suggest using the Bumbo seat when baby is a little old rather than when they are two months old. My two cents.
  6. Sleeper Gowns – no zippers, no snaps, no buttons. For middle of the night changings without any disruptions of baby, sleeper gowns are where it’s at.
  7. Baby Swing – mild entertainment for times you want to take a potty break or great for rocking your baby to sleep.
  8. Car Seat – an obvious requirement.
  9. Bath Tub – beyond the benefits of a basic cleanup, bath time is a sleep inducer. A couple scheduled bath times a week will help relax, de-fuss, help put baby to sleep.
  10. Bottle Warmer – convenient for late night feedings especially because it is recommended not to microwave bottles. A bottle warmer is quick and easy, which is just what a mom needs.

Did I leave anything out?

There are a ton of things I found useful and necessary during those first six months (bassinet, baby monitor, nasal aspirator, etc) but this series is called Top Ten for a reason;)

Mommy’s sound off!

What are some items you found essential in those first few months? 


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