Remy – Eight Months Old

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Is it strange I’m already mentally planning Remy’s 1st birthday party? No? Great!


Routine: On the weekends Remy’s eating/napping schedule is different than the one she follows for the week. We skip her early morning feeding all together and sleep in until 7, when she gets fed. We then head to the gym where she plays at daycare for an hour and when we get home she typically takes an hour nap. She is then fed every 3 hours like usual. Because we sleep in and the morning feeding is skipped, on weekends she typically goes to bed and hour or so earlier.

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Napping/Sleeping: Remy is FINALLY sleeping in her crib! In all honesty the transition was harder for me than it was for her, but we are all happy the move happened. I miss being able to look over at her but I value the alone time that this has given Kevin and I. She seems to understand that when the lights go out it’s time to sleep, even when she’s wide awake, so that’s good. But we have had a bad night or two. In those few cases we bring her in bed with us until she falls asleep then move her back into her room.

The trip back East didn’t affect Remy in the least! It actually assisted in her transition into her crib so I had nothing to worry about.

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Eating: Her eating is pretty much the same as last month, except now she takes 4oz of food with her 11:30am and 2:30pm feedings versus 2oz. I’m contemplating upping her milk intake but I’m not sure if it’s necessary or not. She seems to act full after her meals but I’m wondering if I up her milk consumption then maybe I’ll space out her feedings to 4 hours? Moms, any advice?

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Growth: No official statistics this time around but I’ll have some for next month’s update.

Remy is still wearing some 6M clothing and she fits in some of her 9M clothing. I recently bought her a couple pairs of soffe shorts for summer and those were all 12M in size, which she fit in perfectly with a little room for growth when I had her try them on. Baby clothes is weird in its sizing!

Also, I’m pretty sure that Remy’s top teeth are coming in. You can’t really see them but you can feel a little something if you stick your finger in her month…just before she bites down;) She’s also drooling A LOT!

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  • Remy unconsciously claps! I know she doesn’t necessarily know what she’s doing but she claps when she’s excited about an impending meal.
  • She smacks her tong to make this clicking noise that’s super cute. She then looks at you to mimic the sound and the game can go on for hours.
  • Still no crawling. I am wondering if she’s going to skip it all together. I really hope not. I read somewhere that crawling correlates with one’s ability to read well. Strange parallel but you never know!
  • I’m pretty sure she’s learned how to soother herself back to sleep by putting her pacifier back in her mouth when she wakes in the middle of the night. Well, done baby girl!
  • Both Kevin and I have caught Remy calling for me (mama) twice when she was being fussy. We’re not sure if it was a floock but she rarely say’s mama, so maybe not?


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It fascinates me the way each baby learns and develop  on their own time. At daycare I see babies smaller than Remy crawling or walking around and I wonder if I should be worried that she hasn’t caught on. I frequently wonder if we are doing something wrong. Are we not allowing enough tummy time or play time practicing these milestones? But then I remember that each child has their own timeline, so I don’t need to worry. Ah, parenting is an interesting thing!


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