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The great thing about being consistent in my workouts is that after a while I don’t need motivation. The results alone have become motivation enough.

I’m at a point in my fitness journey were the endorphins alone have me begging for more. To feel that high after a great workout is something I love. Something I crave. Something that’s become an addiction of sorts.

As I mentioned before, I no longer strive to be skinny but I want to look fit and healthy and capable. I’m happy to report I think I’ve reached my goal! At the beginning of all this I told myself that once I felt comfortable in a bikini again, I’ve successfully attained my goal. And this past weekend I did the test – I tried on my old bathing suits and felt…comfortable. I didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed but proud of those extra curves, stretch marks and that ugly cesarean scar. Battle scars, my friends, battle scars! When once I craved to be as thin as Gisele Bunchen and Gwyneth Paltrow has been replaced with women with curves like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. Heck, even Kim Kardashian is in the mix! I admire a woman that embraces her body, especially when it is not one that is conventionally thin.

I am now fitting comfortably in many, if not all, of my pre-baby jeans! In total I’ve lost 55 pounds since Remy’s delivery! Since the first weigh-in I’ve lost 17 pounds, that’s five more pounds than I had planned to lose, which means I am under my pre-pregnancy weight! While I still fluctuate 5lbs up and down, I’m happy to report that I’ve reclaimed my body, ladies and gents!

Once you’ve reached certain goals, you hit a point where you plateau. For some, this stage is a hurdle to get past but I’ve realized that for me, this is where I now must maintain. The commitment to workout isn’t the hard part anymore, but the pledge to keep going, even once I’ve hit major goals; that is the true obstacle. It’s no longer about the outcome but the process, and I have to continually remind myself that. At this point in my journey, it’s not about crushing it every single workout but I do have to show up and do work. The fact that I’ve lost the weight in a healthy manner instead of crash dieting or even going to extremes like I have in the past, I accomplished all on my own in a way I am proud to document. So I will continue doing what I’ve been doing – enjoy being active and watching my body change!

I’ve gotten some really positive feedback from readers, family and friends regarding my fitness goals, advice, etc. so I will continue to document my journey and plan on sharing some of my favorite workouts, as well as continuing to share great fitness apparel, my top motivators, and any tips I find helpful! You can also go here for anything and everything FabAve fitness!

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