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Thankful: February 2014

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I’m a little sad to be happy that February is finally over. I wish it would have been as outstanding as January was but it wasn’t. Emotionally I went through the ringer but I’m hoping March treats my family and I well. Here’s to a new month!

Nonetheless, here are 28 things I was thankful for in February.

  1. National Margarita Day. Need I say more?
  2. Good feedback from my dentist.
  3. Time with my nieces and nephews.
  4. Being able to experience winter weather for a short period of time.
  5. Solo date nights with the boy.
  6. Arizona sunsets.
  7. Kickass sorority sisters!
  8. Courtesy reminder text from my cell phone provider. Phew!
  9. A commitment to raise Remy in a godly way.
  10. Being able to eat my grandmother’s cooking! OMGSOGOOD
  11. Mirrored sunnies. New obsession!
  12. Canada Dry. Sooths the tummy when you’ve got food poisoning.
  13. The queue option. This saves me on days that I’m sick or busy and have a blog post to share.
  14. Rainy days that requires you to stay home and feel better without feeling guilty of wasting a Saturday.
  15. That ALLTHESHOWS started back up. Welcome back to the queue, Scandal!!
  16. Finding a new favorite meal at one of your favorite restaurants.
  17. Purchasing my first postpartum bathing suit and feeling both nervous and excited for summer.
  18. When Kev sees me at my worst and still comes in for a kiss.
  19. Remy accommodating to her new sleeping arrangements.
  20. Me accommodating to Remy’s new sleeping arrangements.
  21. Classic footwear to get me through spring and summer.
  22. Summer overalls. Yep, I bought them and can’t wait to wear them EVERY WEEKEND!
  23. Trying on my old swimsuits and fitting in all my bottoms without looking like I shouldn’t be wearing it. However, my tops? I’m going to need to pick up a few remixable pieces.
  24. Finding time to clean the entire house.
  25. Reaching 300 Facebook ‘Likes’!
  26. Days where just mascara does the trick.
  27. That our taxes are done.
  28. That the month of February is over!


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