17 At Home Date Night Ideas

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Intimate date nights. I miss those. The hubby and I aren’t lucky enough to live near friends and family whom we can ask to babysit Remy, so our nights out on the town are seriously nonexistent. The friends we do know in the area have recently become parents themselves, so it’s not like we can ask them to care for another child while they are still mastering their new roles as parents. However I’ve recently realized that there are small gaps in our weeks we aren’t taking full advantage of – bedtime. Typically during this time, Kevin plays video games and I catch up on all my trashy television. But at this time in our relationship, when the wellbeing of another human being is a tad more important than the wellbeing of the foundation of our family, I think it is vital for us to inject a little TLC in to our marriage. So with that said, I’ve implemented an at home date night at least once a month. Here are some ideas:

  1. DVR Catch Up Night – The fella and I tend to do this on Friday nights. He picks up dinner on the way home from work and I get Remy ready for bed, and when he arrives we sit in front of the boob-tube, our meals spread in front of us and catch up on all our favorite TV shows from the week.
  2. Wine and Cheese Night – Pick up a variety of different cheeses and a couple bottles of both red and white wine, create a nice spread and sit, chat and enjoy each other’s company.
  3. Spa Night – Create a mini Oasis, complete with candles and fuzzy bathrobes. Use scented oils or candles to create a spa-like atmosphere and take turns giving each other massages.
  4. Kiss the Chef Night – Take this time to cook an entirely new recipe or an old favorite. Have some tunes playing in the background and just take in the aromas and enjoy the quality time. Don’t forget to feed each other Lady and the Tramp style!
  5. Game Night – Pick from your choice of board games, cards, video games or an epic Wii battle! Or better yet, all of the above!
  6. Trilogy Movie Marathon Night – The Mighty Ducks trilogy, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Back to the Future trilogy, The Bourne trilogy…I can seriously keep going.
  7. Puzzle Night – The boy and I engaged in a pretty serious puzzle night while on vacay with his family a couple years back and it was so much fun. I’m not even being sarcastic.
  8. Concert Night – Cozy up and listen to an album in its entirety or create a playlist of your favorite artist/band and just sit and listen to the words and the music.
  9. Tapas Night – whip up a couple appetizer sized small plates. Feed each other and discuss your favorites. Oh, and don’t forget to make a pitcher of sangria too!
  10. Fort Night – Go old school on date night and build a fort with your better half! I’m talking cushions, sheets, pillows, ALLTHETHINGS and take each other back to a time when things were simpler.
  11. Fondue Night – Isn’t melted chocolate an aphrodisiac? If not, it should be!
  12. Scavenger Hunt – Each of you put together a scavenger hunt for the other and at the end have gifts as the treasure!
  13. Would You Rather Night – Each of you come up with a dozen questions (ex: Would you rather speak any language fluently or be able to talk to animals?), place in a bowl and take turns picking and asking a question. Discuss, laugh, enjoy!
  14. Theme Night – Choose a theme and center the date around that specific theme. Inspire the meal, the choice of movie, and the choice of snacks around the night’s theme.
  15. Homemade Pizza Night – Each of you makes your own pizza and load up on all your favorite toppings! Here’s an easy recipe for a healthy Pesto, mozzarella, tomato pizza.
  16. Brinner Night – Because who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?
  17. Bubble bath for 2 – Turn the lights down low, light a couple candles and have some slow jams playing nearby. Take this time to relax and embrace the quite together, and soak in (pun intended) the romance!

What are some of your favorite at home date nights? 


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