Travel Wardrobe Remix What to Pack

What To Pack

A couple weeks back, the gang and I traveled back East to visit family and friends since we missed our chance during the holidays. It’s a tad different to pack for yourself when you’ve got a little one because you must factor in the possibility of accidents (spit up, bowel movements, etc.), but I was determined to pack everything I needed without over packing. In the end, I packed everything I needed using eight pieces of clothing, two pairs of boots, and plenty of fun accessories to mix and match!

photo packing_zps431d1209.jpg

similar dress | skinnies | similar faux leather leggings | flannel | chambray | sweater | stripe tee | gray tee

These are the pieces I ended up packing for a total of seven days (as well as a travel outfit which I did not include in the mix). Note, some of these aren’t the exact items but this is a pretty good representation of what I actually packed.

photo extras_zps96d776cd.jpg

I also included ‘toppers’, if you will,such as a puffer vest, my trusty faux leather jacket (complete with a fleece hoodie underneath) and my reliable denim jacket, which ended up being superfluous. This was a great way for me to finish off each look differently for the above re-mixable pieces and add an extra layer of insulation.

 photo wtp3_zps93ff14eb.jpg

All in all, I managed seven outfits! The trick was incorporating a neutral color pallet (black, white and grey) and playing around with prints and patterns. The final verdict: one dressier piece (the ever so popular Gap fleece dress), five tops, and two bottoms were enough for the whole week. I felt like I had enough options without getting repetitive or feeling overwhelmed. In the end I came to the conclusion that packing in this manner made for much easier dressing, which is essential when you’ve got a little one. It might not be as exciting as my typical daily style but it was still the perfect representation of me!

Keep a look out for a post of the only outfit that was actually captured during the trip;) #busygirlprobs


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