Remy – Seven Months Old

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I feel like within this last month Remy has developed so much! She accomplished some major benchmarks and I’m so proud of her. I’m still in shock that in less than a couple months Remy will be a year old and on her way to becoming a toddler! But I’m a taking her in one day at a time and love seeing the wheels spin as she takes in her surroundings and reacts to them.


Routine: Nothing has changed as far as our routine has gone; we are still a fully functioning family machine! We did experience a snap foo a couple weeks back when I was sick with a fever and sore throat. The same day I called out sick from work, Remy came home with a fever (102, yikes!). She was pretty out of it so we took her to the doctors where they established she had an ear infection. She had unconsciously been telling us that her ear was hurting because Kevin kept noticing her rubbing her left ear, which had the infection. We got antibiotics, which worked like a charm because a couple days on the medicine and you could tell she was feeling better.

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Napping/Sleeping: I’m not going to say whether or not Remy is sleeping in her crib yet. Let’s just keep it at she’s sleeping through the night and napping well through the day and that’s enough to make any mother content. Okay? Okay!

I am a little worried about an upcoming trip back East that might throw Remy’s sleeping schedule off. I really hope that the time change doesn’t mess with the groove we’ve got going on because I’m not fully prepared to have a sleepless night. I wasn’t conditioned to experience it early on so I don’t think I’d adjust well, lol. Fingers crossed we’ll all transition smoothly.

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Eating: Unfortunately I am no longer breastfeeding. The fact that Remy has 2 very sharp, very cute teeth has instilled the fear that she’ll take a chunk out of my nipple one day. TMI? Too bad! She’s had some nibbles that were enough for me to call it a day and call it quits. Another reason I decided to stop breastfeeding was because of my low supply. I think my body is trying to tell me the end is near so my supply has decreased, even after I’ve upped my water intake, continued the prenatal vitamins and I’m doing the whole steel cut oats thing. With that being said, I am still pumping so Remy is still getting all the great nutritional and immunal (is that a word) benefits of breast milk. Nursing Remy wasn’t filling her up enough for her meals and I’ve found that by pumping I am pulling more milk for feedings, so that’s the new routine.

Remy feeding schedule is still every 3 hours but she is getting more food to last her almost four so I might be making that change; haven’t decided yet. She takes 5oz of breast milk at 5:30 am, 6oz of breast milk at 8:30 am, 6oz of breast milk with an addition of 2oz of baby food at 11:30am, 6oz of breast milk with the addition of 2oz of baby food at 2:30, 4oz of breast milk with an addition of 4oz of baby food at 5:30 pm, and 5oz of formula between 8 and 8:30pm. Girl loves her food!

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Growth: I do have her latest weigh-in this month since we took her to the doctor for the ear infection, and girlfriend is at 17 pounds 12 ounces, 5 ounces more than last month! Unfortunately those are the only official stats I’ve got for her this month and will hopefully have updated stats next month since we go in for her second dose of the flu shot at the end of this month. At her 6 month check-up she was given the first round of the flu shot, which she did not enjoy for obvious reasons. Fortunately daddy was there to sooth her.

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  • Little miss is very mobile. While she may not be crawling yet, home girl likes to flip from her tummy to her back, likes to reach for things within her vicinity (particularly remotes and cell phones), and likes to kick her little legs about.
  • At daycare they’ve been styling Remy’s hair in a ponytail. I may be biased but she looks so freakin’ adorable!
  • Baby girl is officially sitting up during baths! Last week I thought I’d give it a try since she’s recently mastered the whole sitting up thing and luckily it went really well! Remy was fascinated with the water and I introduced these spongy letters into the mix and she had a grand old time!
  • Remy’s vocabulary includes da-da and ba-ba. No ma-ma yet but whatev’s…
  • She loves bouncing in her activity center and could play, bounce, and slobber on everything for hours!


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All in all this might be my favorite baby stage to date! I’ve felt this way throughout this crazy journey the boy and I have been on but something about this time in Remy’s life has been so charming!


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