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Thankful: Jaunary 2014

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Soo excited for the first Thankful post of the year! If you are new to FabAve then you might have missed the announcement of a new monthly series where I share something I’m grateful for for every day of the month and essentially for every day of the year! As I mentioned here, this series was inspired by the same idea Kelsey of Words of Williams brought to her family blog on a monthly basis. FYI – she’ll be transitioning her Thankful posts to her other blog Snappy Casual, if you’d like to read along.

So without further ado, 31 things I was grateful for in January.

  1. A happy and healthy daughter!  
  2. Hour lunches that allows me to blog and catch up on my blog reading.
  3. Extra-long months that offer 3 paychecks!
  4. Nutella. Enough said.
  5. The safe and healthy arrival of Remy’s future BFF, Finley.
  6. In-Laws that are paying for our flights to and from Virginia so that we can see family this month.
  7. That God answers prayers.
  8. Tacos. Shrimp tacos, carne asada tacos, fish tacos. I just love them all!
  9. Rediscovering pieces in my wardrobe.
  10. A New Year to hit the reset button.
  11. Wardrobe staples that are perfect year around. (This dress, this dress and this dress).
  12. That my sister and 2 cousins will be visiting in March! I’m excited to take them hiking!
  13. A personal commitment to live a healthier life. 
  14. Zumba classes that make me feel like a good dancer!
  15. A baby with a goofy laugh.
  16. Fast dry nail polish. Life saver!
  17. Fitting into my favorite pair of jeans for the first time postpartum!
  18. Finally being diagnosed with psoriasis and getting it treated.
  19. Warm winter days.
  20. A gym that offers daycare.
  21. Brands that acknowledge the blogs that often get looked over.
  22. Busy work days that make days go by faster.
  23. Finally being recognized for my hard work.
  24. Ending 2013 with great sales at work (200% attainment) and seeing the rewards!
  25. Antibiotics that helped Remy get over her first ear infection.
  26. Ankle boots.
  27. Poshmark sales!
  28. Katy Perry’s Prism album.
  29. Women that speak so eloquently about online bullying and not letting it faze them.
  30. Fun collaborations for February!

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