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Real Talk: Modesty

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After posting this look on the blog a couple weeks back, it got me thinking about modesty. I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a modest dresser, but I wouldn’t consider myself an immodest dresser either. I don’t go out of my way to dress a certain way but there are certain things I consider when I’m getting dressed for the day as a way to ensure that what I’m wearing isn’t inappropriate or revealing.

Now that I have a daughter, I frequently wonder how Kevin and I will broach the subject of modesty when that time comes. Living in a state where summer is almost year around, we often see young girls in clothes that I wouldn’t wear as an adult. It’s skimpy, revealing, and downright inappropriate! If I see your butt cleavage, you shouldn’t be wearing it in public. And what disturbs me most of all is that it’s typically girls between the ages of 10-16 wearing shorts that are far too short! Kevin usually shakes his head and tells me that he won’t be letting Remy out of the house if she dresses like that, and I completely agree. I want to raise my daughter with the tact to know that some things should be left to the imagination. Will she be allowed to wear a two-piece swimsuit, sure, if she feels comfortable enough to do so! But a skimpy, string bikini will only be allowed when she’s flown the coop, and I would hope that that’s a stage she completely skips. However if she’s anything like her mother, she’ll have a skimpy phase.

Modesty is a weird thing. Some people consider floor length dresses and skirts, turtlenecks, and the coverage of all skin to be modest, while others have a completely different set of rules for modest dressing. I’m tall so things will innately look shorter on me than they would on the average woman. If something is a tad too short I usually add tights or leggings into the mix. When something is at my fingertips I consider that a win, as far as appropriateness goes. And because I’m currently breastfeeding, my chest always looks like I’m trying to bring all the boys to the yard, something I’m not used to. A cami is usually a solution or I nix the top completely. Modesty really just depends on the person.

Would you consider yourself a modest dresser? 


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