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Now that the dust is settling after the holidays and the frantic New Year resolutions to #getfit, I thought I’d share some motivators to help keep you on track in your fitness journey. For those readers that are trying to keep a regular fitness routine, new moms gearing up to jumpstart their workout regime and anyone else looking for help on motivation, I’M HERE! Let’s keep each other accountable for the New Year, shall we?

  1. Try something new – As you would expect, we tend to need change in variety to stay motivated, so changing up our workout routine is a must. Don’t allow yourself to fall in a slump by doing the same routine every night; switch it up every now and again to keep things fresh! Use sites like Group On and LivingSocial to sign up for different fitness classes at a discounted rate, try fitness DVDs, a hip-hop class, or try a sport you’ve never played before. The key is to stay active and keep it fun!
  2. Dress the part – by investing in cute, functional (operative word) workout gear it prompts you to want to work out. If my workout clothes are cute then I am more likely to head to the gym. There’s no reason not to look cute at the gym, however I reserve the right to judge the girl with caked on makeup. Just no.
  3. The ‘3 more’ rule – my husband once gave me the advice that when I think I’m spent to try and push through 3 more of whatever exercise I’m doing. I thought this was such a great suggestion and have implemented the ‘3 more’ rule in to my everyday workout. Try it next time you think your body has given up. You’ll be surprised to know that you might not have reached your second wind until you do!
  4. The buddy system – if you go to the gym with a friend I’m happy for you, however my buddy system theory is a little different than most. When you’re on the treadmill scoping out the scene before you, look for the person with the most similar body to yours or someone whose body you’d like to have. Now compete with this person. Stay on the treadmill as long as they do, if not longer. Try and do more reps than this person. If you treat the gym like a competition, you’d be surprised how far you’ll push yourself.
  5. Skip the Scale – I once read somewhere that you shouldn’t weigh yourself on a daily basis, this can only discourage you from reaching your goal weight. Instead to it every couple weeks. I’ve just skipped the scale all together. Why? Because muscle weighs more than body fat. The scale won’t show me that I’ve toned up.
  6. Set realistic expectations – This is obvious, yet people still like to set goals that are far beyond their reach or just impossible. Don’t kid yourself and set goals that are not achievable, this will only harm you in the long run. Lose 4-5 pounds within 60 days – attainable and healthy. Lose 10 pounds in 30 days – crazy and dangerous. Set goals that are achievable but still challenging.
  7. Jam session – create a booty shakin’ playlist that will make working out a personal dance party.
  8. Track it – keeping a type of food diary or journal holds you more accountable for what you put into your body. This is also true for your workouts. Write down reps completed and how much you’re lifting, nothing is more motivating than actually seeing your progress. Here are some apps that are great for keeping track.
  9. Create a ‘home gym’ – have a backup plan for those days you can’t convince yourself to head to the gym. Equip a room or a corner in your home with some workout basics like free weights, an exercise mat, and a fitness DVD or two.
  10. Find YOUR motivation – put together an inspiration board or read up on how others might have completed similar goals, find something that will inspire you to keep going. What is truly inspiring you to live a healthier lifestyle?

Sound off! What motivates you to get fit? 


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*photography by Brenda Eden edited by me.

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