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Real Talk: Balancing Act

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I was recently asked how I balance everything that I do. Between juggling Remy, a full-time job, workouts, and blogging, I never really considered myself as an efficient scheduler. I really just DO. Simply thinking about everything that I do throughout the week puts me into panic. Why? Because I am a generally a lazy, sloppy, messy person at heart. Deep down in my bones I like to lounge on the couch and watch Law And Order: SVU marathons, and since becoming a mom and dedicating myself to living a healthier lifestyle things have had to change. Almost every minute of every day is scheduled. This doesn’t mean that I never get to enjoy a marathon every now and again, because I do, but I try really hard not to let that lazy person inside of my take away what can be a productive day. There are days when I feel like the master of the universe, but know that there are also days when I feel like a failure as a mother, as a wife, as a friend, and as a blogger. Even with a mental schedule mapped out of my day, things go askew more often than not and I just have to roll with the punches.


Generally throughout the week, after spending a grueling 8 hours behind two computer monitors, I don’t always feel up to putting much effort into going home and spending any more time behind a laptop monitor. However I love this little space I’ve created and want it to grow, and enjoy coming up with ideas for content, so I set aside my lunch hour to get some blogging done, as well as little pockets throughout my workday to write or edit a post or two. After that, when I’m at home I only put in extra hours into my blogging if Remy is sleeping because I want to dedicate my time to her.


I would love to say that my house is spotless and that there not dishes in the sink, or shoes all over the living room or that hair isn’t all over the carpet but that would be a complete and total lie. This is one of the areas I’d like to improve upon. I would love to be one of those people that takes 30 minutes out of each day to get house work done but it seems to be an impossible task. There is always a load of laundry or two needing to be washed or folded, the diaper pail is almost always overflowing, and there are dirty burp cloths everywhere, but I’d rather spend quality time with my family than to actually get chores done. One of my resolutions for the New Year includes Thursday night cleaning sessions with the boy after Remy has gone to bed. Whether or not this will become a think will be the true test.


Typically I work out 5 days a week, if I’m lucky. I try and attend Zumba classes at my local gym after Remy has been fed her dinner, go running on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and try and squeeze in a body pump class or do a fitness DVD on nights when I can’t leave the house. Since Remy is currently on a 3 hour feeding schedule, I can typically hit the gym any time after she’s fed as long as I’m home and showered for her next feeding. Kevin has been a great help, watching her while I head to the gym but if I do take her with me, my gym offers daycare.

Spending time with my family is my first priority over all of the aforementioned things in my life. I wouldn’t consider this a ‘category’ that I have to fit into my busy schedule because it is my number one. Family trumps all in my book. If Remy or Kevin are craving cuddle time or attention, I will gladly skip the gym or whatever blogging responsibilities I have to spend time with them. They are my everything.

I would love to hear how you all balance it all! Share your tips and tricks.


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