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Adopting a habit of steady exercise and proper nutrition doesn’t involve special gears or tools, but you can certainly enjoy using technology to enhance ordinary tasks. Today I thought I would share some of my favorite apps for healthy living. I’m not a huge ‘app’ person, I have only about a handful on my iPhone, but the following apps are ones that I’ve found helpful and effective in my fitness journey. I would definitely recommend these apps for tracking your eating and exercise, comparing your previous workouts, and as great motivators!

My Fitness Pal

Free and available for Apple and Android phones, My Fitness Pal is perfect for someone that wants to see the bigger picture in their fitness journey. When you create your profile the app records your weight, height, goal weight and activity level to get a better sense of future nutritional recommendations. Fundamentally it is a calorie counter that tracks your caloric intake day by day. You can see your progress month to month, and at the end of the day log your results to get a guesstimate of what you’ll weight in 5. I also love that My Fitness Pal tracks your exercise. Another plus is that you can scan the barcodes of foods and the app pulls the calorie and nutritional information. One of my favorite features is that you can access nutritional info from their massive database of local restaurants, so you don’t have to guess when entering your daily intake.


This app is great for the runner, biker or walker as it tracks your route and saves your workout history to compare later. On the MapMyRun app you can also update the type of workout you are doing with a variety of options such as running, biking, hiking, and whether or not you’re on a treadmill. I also like that if you forget to enter a run it can be entered manually so that the workout is saved in your history. It is the perfect tool to monitor your pace and the calories burned during your workout, and has an audio feature that announces when you pass a mile. Free for Apple and Android users.

Weight Loss Meal Planner

This app offers an assortment of diet plans for anyone’s dietary needs. Looking for a vegetarian, low carb, or detox option, the Weight Loss Meal Planner app will offer a meal plan specific for you. I love this app because it also provides grocery lists for every meal plan, which is really convenient. Along your fitness journey, this app will provide dieting tips and tricks and offers forums to get motivation from other members! This app is free for Apple and Android.

What are some apps that you find helpful? I would love to hear!


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