2014 | The Year of Fully Living.

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Happy New Year, my lovelies! With the New Year finally here, I like everyone else, have been reflect on this past year and my expectations for the coming year. 2013 was huge for me! I turned 28, had a baby, celebrated another year of marriage with my fella, decided to live a healthier lifestyle, and refocused the blog. It was such a fantastic, life changing year!

For 2014 I’ve come up with a list of prompts to get me living my life as fully and as happily as I can for the next year. These aren’t resolutions, per say, but more of daily reminders that life should be enjoyed. I can’t let anxiety and fear get in my way to be happy. I need to starting being present in my interactions with friends and family, I need to stop comparing my beginning to someone else’s end, and I need to stop being so negative.

Not much will change as far as Fabulously Average goes. I love what I’ve created in this little corner of the internet. It’s a place where I feel free to express myself through my style, a place where I can chronologically capture Remy’s life as she grows, a place where I help inspire and become inspired, and more importantly it has become a place where I can express myself through the written word.

I’d like to end today’s post with a simple Thank You! Thank you to the new and loyal readers, supporters, and to the virtual friends I’ve made this past year. While some wouldn’t call this blog successful, you all have made it successful in my eyes. By simply leaving comments, sending emails, tweeting, and pinning you have all made me feel like I am making an impact of some sort. I truly appreciate all of you that come visit every couple of days to hear my story. It is because of you that I continue blogging.

So here’s to another fabulous, yet slightly average, year!


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