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So today I’ve decided to share a roundup of all my favorite looks from the past 6 months. You might be asking yourself why I’m only pulling looks from the last 6 months instead of the entire year. Well, for the first half the year I was a huge whale of a woman pregnant with Miss Remy. If you’d like to see my chubby ankles and big belly, you can find a recap of my maternity style week by week here or see all my maternity looks here.

Looking back at some of my favorite wardrobe diary posts from the last couple months has proven to me that simplifying my style was more than an occupational thing (occupation: new mom!) but also a style evolution of sorts. I love the direction my personal style is going – very easy, simple, yet very ME! And that’s all a full-time working mom/new mom/entrepreneur/recessionista can ask for!

In preparation for the New Year, I cleaned out my closet and I’m getting rid of a ton of great stuff! Many pieces were handed down to my little sister (she automatically gets first dibs) but a lot of items got listed in my Poshmark closet. If you like to #shopmycloset feel free to take a gander here!

These are only some of my faves but you can catch up on ALL my looks over the past year here. Do you have any favorites?


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