Remy – Five Months Old

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This girl seems to amazing me each and every day. She’s so full of life and curiosity! It’s so fascinating to see her discover something new, observe it, and come to her own conclusions!


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Routine: Not much has changed from the last couple of months; we seem to be on a steady daily routine that seems to work for the whole family.

During my hour sessions at the gym, Remy hangs out with daddy. I love that they have this father/daughter time for just the two of them. I feel like it has built the relationship between both Kevin and Remy. Before, I felt like what little relationship they had was off because Remy was so dependent of me for everything. But now, it seems like there are times that she favors Kevin’s company. It’s really cute!

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Napping/Sleeping: Remy is still and exceptionally good sleeper. For those first few months I thought it was a flook, and that at any day she would become a difficult sleeper, but it seems that we have lucked out! She sleeps through the night and has actually upped her daily naps! Now she takes a quick cat nap after her ‘dinner’, gets fed one more time at around 8pm, then goes down for the night.

Her new thing is sleeping with her favorite blanket. It’s a reversible fleece one that was made by one of my co-workers. It has little tabs of different fabrics and patterns that are made to stimulate her senses. Remy absolutely loves it and usually needs it by her side when she’s put down for a nap.

Crib update: Remy is now taking naps in her crib! However I still don’t feel comfortable having her sleep in the nursery through the night. I’ve asked for a video monitor for Christmas and I’m hoping once we have one I’ll feel less paranoid about having her sleep in her room. We’ll see.

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Eating: I am working on upping her daily feeding to 6 or 7 ounces. For her feeding before bed she is easily taking in at least 8oz. I nurse her and then give her an additional 3-4 ounces. I figured I should feed her a little more because she’s growing, right? Mom’s, what do you suggest?

She is still being fed wheat oatmeal in addition to being nursed for dinner. I plan of incorporating purees and baby food next month, so I’m excited about that! I decided to start with vegetables only for the first month, because I already anticipate she’ll have a sweet tooth and will like nothing but fruits. More to report next month/year! (Yikes!) 

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Growth: I do not have official stats this month as she did not have a checkup, but she’s growing! She is fitting into her 6M clothing nicely and is wearing some 9M cloths, although it’s still a little big on her. She is still wearing size 2 diapers but I think I should switch her up to size 3 soon because we’ve had some blowouts.

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  • Home girl is sassy! She like to give the stink face when she first meets someone but after she warms up to you she’ll give you smiles until the cows come home.
  • Remy is now responding when you call her name! She’ll turn to whatever direction you are calling from and stare at you as if she were saying, “WHAT?”
  • Like I mentioned before, she LOVES her fleece blanket and especially loves when it’s draped across her face while she sleep, which I personally hate.
  • Grandma bought her a swing and she loves it. So do I, especially when she’s being fussy! It gets her quiet in a matter of minutes;)
  • Remy seems to always only have 1 sock on. She manages to remove one while she’s asleep and in the morning has one cold little foot. It’s actually really cute.
  • When she saw Santa earlier this month, she smiled for the camera! I was so proud!


I can’t believe my little Miss will be six months old next month! She’s growing so much right before my eyes! It’s both exciting and sad. I’m eager to find out how much she weighs now, whether or not she’ll be sleeping in her crib next month, and if anymore teeth come in within this next month. I guess we’ll see. Until next month!


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